How to measure Internet speed

How to measure Internet speed

It is possible to find out the relevant speed of Internet connection in different ways among which some of the most reliable can call use for measurement of speed of one of large torrent trackers.

It is required to you

  • - program µTorrent.


1. Register at a torrent tracker with a large number of regular active users. The choice of insufficiently popular resource will result in the underestimated results of check of speed of the Internet. Best of all for determination of quality of services of provider to use the torrent tracker where more than ten million users are registered and there is no data transmission speed limit.

2. Pick up the file with a large number distributing, or sider. It shall not be any new from a movieland or the game industry which downloading can violate copyright of vendor. There is a set of movies, games, programs, the musical compositions remaining extremely popular for many years and even decades. After the choice of suitable category it is possible to include sorting of torrents according to quantity of sider for convenience, the file will be so simpler to find the most suitable for measurement of speed of the Internet.

3. Download a torrent on the hard drive and open it the program µTorrent. Define path for downloading the file, remove a tick from the point "start a torrent" and confirm the solution. Then open properties of the necessary torrent, having right-clicked on it and having selected the corresponding item of the dropdown menu. Here remove selections from the "exchange of feasts" and "search of local feasts" points then close properties.

4. Start downloading a torrent. In several seconds in the graph "reception" there will be a number designating the speed of downloading of the file which almost precisely corresponds to the current maximum speed of the Internet. This number can be slightly lower expected as to the tenth part of speed leaves on the special traffic necessary for sending requests between torrent tracker servers. Thus, if the file is downloaded with a speed to ninety percent from stated by provider, connection speed completely means approximately equal corresponds to a rate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team