How to pay the Internet with the card

How to pay the Internet with the card

It is possible to pay the Internet by means of the cash card via the ATM, including third credit institution, Internet banking at its existence or via the website of provider which services you use. Anyway, the procedure does not represent special complexity, but requires accuracy at introduction of necessary data.


1. Insert the card into the ATM, enter the PIN code, then select in the menu on the device screen the option ""Fee"" or with other faithful name.
Find the option connected with fee of Internet service providers in the offered list. The ATM will offer you the new list where it is necessary to find and select the provider.
The ATM will suggest you to enter the identifier (number of personal account, the contract, etc.). Further it can display data whether yours is the account, but also other option so be extremely attentive is not excluded.
Enter the amount of payment and give a command for payment. Save the check issued by the ATM.

2. The algorithm of fee of Internet service provider online - banking is in many respects similar to the previous option. You also select fee, then services of Internet service provider, find the in their list, and then enter in the offered fields the identifier in a system and the amount of payment.
But instead of input of the PIN code you will become authorized in the Internet client. At completion of payment the bank can demand the additional identifier: the one-time payment password sent on SMS, the variable code from the check from the ATM or a scratch card or other.

3. If on the website of Internet service provider the form of payment of its services a personal account is provided, having selected the corresponding option.
To you will suggest to enter the amount of payment, the card number placed on its face, a name of the owner (strictly a letter into a letter, as on the card), expiry date of a card and the code located on its turn (the last 3 digits on the same band where there is your signature).
The bank which issued your card can demand at the same time an additional identifiktor. For example, the one-time password sent by SMS.

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