How to publish the page on the Internet

How to publish the page on the Internet

To publish the page on the Internet, you will need a hosting. A hosting is called the place where files of your page will be stored. For example, text, photo, video. The hosting can be paid and free. The free hosting which is offered by the Yandex company quite will be suitable for placement on the Internet of the small personal page - it is Yandex service. People.

It is required to you

  • Hosting
  • Information for the publication on the website


1. Registration to a stranitsypereydita according to the link also click "create the website". Further to you will suggest to log in the account on Yandex. If you are not registered – it is a high time to make it. The login which you select will be present at the name of your page. For example, you registered as natasha, then the name of your page will be such

2. Adding kontentakontenty is called page contents. Follow the link "edit" opposite to the name of the website. You get in "the designer of the websites". The interface of service is intuitive. Before you the website model where it is possible to add the contacts, the text, news, the menu opens, to insert search of Yandex. After each new change there is automatic saving. Besides, you can add new pages on the website, for this purpose there is the corresponding button in the upper left corner.

3. Management of a faylamiva you can upload to the site files from the computer. For this purpose pass into the section "file management". The maximum allowed file size – 10 MB.

4. Change of designs the section "change design" select structure of the website – quantity of columns and arrangement of blocks on the page. There is an opportunity to select background color, a font, to change the name, to select color of links, to load the logo.

5. The publication of your page in you internetevernitsya in "the designer of the websites", look as your page looks. For this purpose click in the upper right corner "look". If it is required, make amendments to design or contents of the page. Then click "publish". On the Internet the new website will appear.

6. StatistikaDannye about visit of your website by users is stored in the section statistics. You can always look how many visitors were on your website in any given day how many pages were viewed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team