How to remove a virus from the page

How to remove a virus from the page

Annoying, when the virus gets to the computer. And it is not less unpleasant to learn that from your IP address, it is unknown who sends spam to the right and on the left. Similar precedents are a consequence of action of malicious applications behind which growth and improvement creators of modern antiviruses are not in time. But they after all can be found and deleted independently.


1. Viruses krytno install themselves in a system, using ad hoc methods of masking, and also secretly conduct the harmful activity. Sometimes it is possible to record the infection fact only on indirect signs. Having understood that your computer is infected, the first that make, it come on your FTP client and check all data which are laid out by you. Having found foreign files which you did not load, delete them.

2. The following is a search of the malicious codes which are built in scripts of your computer. At this stage do not look for viruses manually, it is senseless, as well as to look for a needle in a haystack. Find the necessary corresponding software in the Internet. Today very many companies offer the services in cleaning of the website of viruses. Work of these anti-virus systems is very similar to work of antivirus software on the computer. Having downloaded the selected program, completely scan the computer on presence of viruses. The program will give you the addresses of harmful explicit or suspicious scripts and will offer the choice: delete them automatically or you want to make it independently. Select automatic removal if only you are precisely sure that these scripts are really harmful, otherwise you risk to receive unstably working system of the computer, and perhaps even not working in general.

3. Now about removal of new types of the viruses which developed a few years ago. It, the so-called, eternally hanging banners extortioners in which it is required to send couple of SMS to certain number. To remove them, contact special service, it is on the website of any company creating antivirus software and to you will help to unblock the browser and to delete this opportunity. For this purpose it is enough to specify in special window number of the extortioner and the text of the message of the SMS. Further change a user password in Windows which is required at a login to the computer. It is necessary to secure itself further.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team