How to restore access to the page

How to restore access to the page

Situation when the user cannot enter on the personal page on social network, - unpleasant, but quite solvable. Practically always access to the account can be resumed. The main thing is to carry out the instruction for recovery accurately.

It is required to you

  • Access to the account in social network.


1. The input on the website on social network is blocked for a number of reasons. The most widespread among them – intervention of swindlers who can simply steal your password and "manages for a while" on your page, or spam sending. Including various "letters of happiness", recognitions in friendship, sending wishes, offers on free gifts and an appreciation. As a rule, in such messages there is an addition that this letter needs to be sent to all the friends. Do not carry out this mailing at all! Because of numerous complaints to spam arriving from you the administration can block your account.

2. But even if observing these councils you lost access to the page, everything is reparable. For recovery of the account, as a rule, it is enough to change the password. This procedure will not take you a lot of time.

3. For a start visit the home page of your website. In a window of input of personal data find the reference "Forgot the Password" (depending on network this inscription can differ a little). Click it and pass to the following page.

4. Further you will need to follow the recommendations of the master of recovery. The first step practically on the majority of the websites is introduction to the special field used for an input the login.

5. Specify the answer to a control question in the following window. As a rule, only you truly will be able make it, and introduction to the special field of the new password will be the next stage. It should be duplicated once again in the next line. After entering of corrections into accounts, save changes, return on the home page and enter the updated data in the respective fields.

6. On the course of the procedure of recovery on some websites for transition to the following page from you can be required to enter the code specified on the picture.

7. It is still very convenient to tie to page number of the phone. In this case it will be much simpler to restore the account. And later you obtain the new account information on the mobile phone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team