How to restore Google Chrome

How to restore Google Chrome

The software of Google Chrome was extraordinary easily included into life of many Internet users. Later only few months after the emergence its convenient interface and speed of loading became a character of high-quality operation of the web browser.


1. If for any reasons the Google Chrome program stopped working and you need to restore it, visit the homepage of Google. In the top address bar add to the text of "" entry "/chrome". As a result you will get on the official page of the browser.

2. Click on the right link "Install Chrome Now" and wait, the installer (installer) will not be loaded yet. Start it and follow installation instructions of the program of Google. If at the moment you have no Internet connection, use other computer, download an installer and copy on the flash drive.

3. In addition to record "/" the official page can be found chrome by means of the Google search engine. Open the homepage and write a software name in a search window. The first result in the opened list will also belong to the official Google Chrome page.

4. For recovery of gadgets – the applications providing additional information for Google open the browser and register in an address bar of "". When on the screen the official page for Google shop opens, click the Expansions tab and select desirable applications. At the same time you remember that it is better to download gadgets from this official page not to damage both Google Chrome, and all operating system.

5. After reinstallation surely return on the homepage and click "Enter". Then follow the top left link "Register" and create an e-mail on "". After that any data on your web browser will be saved on the registered mail. When you have a need for reinstallation of Google again, load the mail and all lost applications and bookmarks will be restored.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team