How to restore the page in

How to restore the page in

Lose access to own page on social network – a situation unpleasant, but reparable. It is absolutely simple to restore access to the account. All process will take several seconds the PC user then it is possible to continue communication with friends.

It is required to you

  • - personal computer;
  • - registration for


1. The page on can be blocked by administration of the website because of spam sending going from your account to other users. If you are not a spammer or the hacker of own profile, then, most likely, malefactors, the main protection against whom is change of the password and further resuming of access to a profile, tried here.

2. The procedure of recovery of the page is simple and takes several seconds. To start it, it is necessary on the homepage of the website ì on a mailbox opposite to the line "Password" to click the link "Forgot?" (it is located over the Enter button) and to follow hints of the master who opened in the following window.

3. Here it will be offered to you to specify the login. If, of course, you remember it. Also on the page of restoring access to e-mail and all resources of the website it is possible to get, having gathered the following combination of characters in an address bar: Enter the login in the respective field and click "Further".

4. For restoring access you can select the most convenient for you option: enter the address of an additional e-mail, specify phone number used during registration or answer a confidential question. Pay attention that the answer needs to be entered to a line as it was written earlier, observing the register and spaces. At the same time consider that you will not be able to use this function if the box was used within three last days. In this case it is necessary to select other way, for example, by means of phone.

5. For this purpose specify the last four digits of number of your mobile. Wait for the SMS message with the code. Enter it in the respective field and you can start change of the password. Specify the code from the picture and click "Continue". If you cannot sort a combination of letters and digits, update the image and repeat attempt. Then click "Save".

6. If independently it is not possible to recover the password, contact support, having filled out previously special questionnaire. Consider: than your answers will be more detailed, the more the graph it will be completed, the quicker you will be able to begin to use your e-mail. In the list of required fields of the questionnaire - a surname, a name, the user's middle name, age, date of birth, the answer to a confidential question, information on approximate date of registration of e-mail, the password and date of the last input, at least approximate.

7. After you are able to come into a mail service, access to your page to мà will also be restored.

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