How to wind voices on the website

How to wind voices on the website

Voices on the website of VKontakte are the peculiar currency allowing to raise ratings, to use them in games, to publish advertisements, to give gifts in the form of beautiful pictures and many other things. One gift is equal to at least three voices. And, naturally, there is a strong wish to catch them as much as possible.


1. It is possible to get free voices of VKontakte without SMS in several ways. One of such – receiving them via applications. Begin to play any of games and send invitations to friends. For the friends invited in a game you also receive necessary votes. In the same place you can them also win. For this purpose you will need to enter initial contribution in the form of the voices which are available for you. In what quantity, it already on your discretion. But, alas, also you can them and lose.

2. The most correct and interesting way is to receive votes through participation in actions in theme groups. If you have abilities to writing of poetry, drawing, the photo or have some other talents, then come into the most visited group and participate in a competition. The first three winners win a prize in the form of charge of free voices.

3. Also you can accept voices just from the friends. In general, free of charge it is rather difficult to receive them owing to their importance. But it is easy to make it on a paid basis. There is a special program for wrapping of voices and also polls, viewings video and likes "to me it is pleasant". For work with it log in the account of VKontakte. Point the link to group, video, record on a wall, a meeting or a photo, generally to that, you wish to wind viewings what. For wrapping of subscribers or friends the link to your page will be exposed automatically. If your Windows 7 software, click "simplify style".

4. Wrapping happens due to exchange. Users wind each other in the automatic mode. For example, if the program is started at four users, and you will specify the link to an inscription on a wall which you want to wind. Having clicked digging "Begin" hearts to this inscription three other users will put, and about it even without suspecting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team