How to eat at a disease of a rotavirus and during recovery

How to eat at a disease of a rotavirus and during recovery

Food at a rotavirus demands the attentive relation. At correctly picked up, balanced diet it is possible to bring closer recovery and to restore forces.

The diet at a rotavirus is appointed quite strict. But it is required to observe it not for long. After several days of carefully balanced dietary food it is possible to pass to more expanded diet. It is required to increase by some time also amount of the drunk liquid. 

What value of healthy nutrition at a rotavirus

At treatment of an intestinal flu the complex of actions joins elimination of symptomatology of a disease. After it the organism needs to provide a possibility of restoration. The healthy nutrition approved by the attending physician allows to accelerate recovery process, to receive good results.

Healthy nutrition for the patients with a rotavirus – an indispensable condition for full recovering from a disease. Products help an organism to receive all necessary substances to restore forces lost during a disease, to provide normalization of immunity. When the disease proceeds sharply, the organism weakens. Isn't enough for full implementation of digestion of time. Therefore food has to come to a stomach in a digestible state.

At a rotavirus infection the diet can become fine and effective means for fight against symptoms. Products with astringencies are useful – they help to cope with diarrhea. For recovery of water-salt balance it is worth using fruit compotes, medicinal infusions and broths of herbs.

What can be eaten in the period of a disease

In the first day after the disease is noted, sick children and adults can pump the clear water which is passed through the filter. Solutions of electrolytes – for example, Gastrolit, Regidron are useful. When at the patient the state improves, it is possible to begin to give raspberry and dogrose decoctions. Dried fruits compote, the kissel made from sweet berries without sugar is useful. It is possible to consume black rather weak tea.

After 4-5 day from an onset of the illness come, it is possible to add the menu with kefir, yogurt or acidophilus milk. Consumption of these products normalizes microflora, restores its state.

It is necessary to keep to a diet during the entire period of a disease and also within two next weeks. During this time the intestinal epithelium then it is possible to return gradually to a former diet is completely recovered. Observance of the sparing food is very important for the sharp period of an infection after process is stopped, the organism needs restoration of physiological functions. Too fast return to a former diet can promote deterioration in a state, at the same time also unpleasant symptoms will return. 

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