How not to be mistaken upon purchase of seeds

How not to be mistaken upon purchase of seeds

The quality of plants also depends on quality of sowing material. If to be mistaken and buy not viable seeds or unappropriated for your region, it is possible to forget about abundant harvest. Respectively, it is necessary to take the choice seriously.

Now the market selling seeds is literally crowded with products of domestic and foreign manufacturers. At the same time the quality seldom depends on quantity. Alas, often in bright bags there are seeds expired which have completely lost viability.

The seller of seed material has to have the certificate of conformity regulated by state standard of GOST 12046-85 on all products. On each document results of laboratory analyses of average tests are specified. The certificate of quality is put to the certificate.

Not to buy not viable seeds, the buyer should not without hesitating to ask the seller to show all available documents and is attentive to get acquainted with them. You should not buy seeds in open tents and from individuals. For receiving qualitative harvest it is better to use services of big outlets and specialized pavilions selling seed material. Large wholesalers will never begin to sell products expired as they value the reputation and have regular customers, but the most important that for sale of goods expired and without certificate of conformity the outlet is threatened by huge penalty. Not less important upon purchase of seeds to pay attention to the trademark of the producer specified on packing to availability of full details of seed-growing firm and to information on agrotechnology of cultivation of any given grade. Each package of seeds has to have marking: the lot number, the weight specified in grams or quantity in pieces, number, month, year of packing, realization terms. New grades of vegetable cultures or colors need to be bought very carefully. In the first year it is enough to make one experimental bed. If the quality of the received harvest suits the gardener, the next year it is possible to replace usual grades with more modern. It is better to buy hybrids of F1 in small amount annually. Cost at seeds rather high, it is impossible to receive the seeds from the removed grades.

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