How to disaccustom the husband loudly to break wind

How to disaccustom the husband loudly to break wind

Many women complain that their beloved husband or the father often breaks wind at other family members, without hesitating even of strangers at all. Some men have such unpleasant phenomenon as uncontrollable gas generation, occurs also in public places. Feelings from a loud sound and a smell from gases can dement any, besides it is uncivilized, it is not accepted in society. How to get rid of a problem, to disaccustom the husband ""to cut the cheese""?


1. For a start try to count how many ""sheptun"" in day are released by your spouse. It is not so difficult, especially if he does not hesitate and in every possible way draws attention to himself with tasty jokes and increase in loudness of sounding of a bunch. Norm from 13 to 20 times a day are considered. And here is already signs of a meteorizm more.

2. Analyze what addictions of the husband can lead to the increased gas generation. This overeating, smoking, locks, abuse of farinaceous food, sweets, alcohol, irregular food. Also the meteorizm with an abdominal distension and bunches is caused by sedentary work, an inactive way of life.

3. If bunches from the husband are heard constantly, and the smell just knocks down, the reason can be in a disease. It is worth checking the spouse for a bacteriosis, diseases of a stomach, intestines, to exclude infection with worms and helminths. Inspection and treatment will help to find out the meteorizm reasons from the doctor, to improve work of intestines.

4. Reconsider a food allowance, gradually remove from the menu bean, sauerkraut, marinades, sweets, flour, fat and smoked. Perhaps, the husband breaks wind after the use of some certain products, drinks - it needs to be found out by observations.

5. Will help to eliminate the increased gas generation and an abdominal distension walking, run, occupations with swimming, long walks before going to bed. Register together with the husband to the pool or the gym, force to go to work on foot, buy him a pedometer for calculation of activity during the day. At the same time control its food allowance, you watch amount of the drunk still water during the day.

6. Surely talk to the husband about his behavior, imitate as he loudly breaks wind, give examples and comparisons not in its advantage. Explain how it is unpleasant to you, to children and acquaintances to feel aroma of ""the gas attack"" every time, to hear the long bunches similar on a sound to explosions. Shame the spouse, ask to behave more decently and more culturally.

7. If darling reduces everything to a joke and does not hesitate to cut the cheese publicly, try to treat him also. Break wind, for example, when he begins to eat or drink beer at the TV. Perhaps, this comic council will work and will help the husband to understand feelings of the wife?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team