How to ring free of charge skype

How to ring free of charge skype

Skype is the modern computer program created for video communication of users online. Skype every day becomes more and more popular as the people who are from each other at a great distance easily can communicate in the video mode at any time or nights.

It is required to you

  • - computer;
  • - Internet access.


1. If you want to use free calls in Skype, for a start you need to download this program from the Internet and to install it on the computer or any other device having the webcam and access to network. To download skype, come into any search engine and hammer the name of the program into the search string and also add a phrase there "download free of charge and without registration". Before you the list of the websites from which you will be able to download Skype will open. There is a lot of similar websites, but it is the best of all to give preference to the official site.

2. After you downloaded the program, you need to install it on the computer. For this purpose open the installation file, select a local drive on which install Skype and press the button which is responsible for the beginning of installation.

3. If you already installed Skype on the computer, register on the official site of this program in order that you had own account and number there. Registration on the website simple, does not require certain skills. Just as on any other website, enter the login and the password on the login page and the e-mail to which to you the letter with registration confirmation will come.

4. Having registered on the website скайп.ком, open the program on your computer, having entered the login and the password there. In the opened window on top you will see the following tabs: "skype", "contacts", "talk", "calls", "view", "tools", "help". You need to click the contacts tab and to press the button "add contact". Before you the search string into which you should enter number of the user with which you want to communicate will open.

5. Having added the necessary user to the contact list, wait for its confirmation of authorization. From now on this user will be displayed at the left in the list of all contacts. Free of charge to use video conference, click this contact. You will see a window with personal data of this person. A little below you will see the Videozvonok button. Click it and wait for the answer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team