How to send by mail the image

How to send by mail the image

At communication in network quite often there is a need of sending images, whether it be photos or just pictures. The choice of a way which you can use for this purpose depends on degree of privacy of the image and also on the total weight of the sent attachment.


1. The easiest way of sending the image by mail is attachment of the file to the letter with the subsequent sending the letter to the addressee. This option approaches if it is necessary to send one or several images of the small size which are not exceeding total weight the maximum allowed volume of attachments. If the picture has high resolution, and the high image quality is not necessary, you can reduce it up to the resolution of 1280 on the greater side – it enough for viewing on the computer screen. Come on your mailbox and create the new letter. By means of the Attach the File button enclose pictures in the letter then press the Send button.

2. You can also load the image file on a special hosting for pictures then to send the link to viewing in the letter. This way is convenient if further you plan placement of the picture at a forum or the blog. For example, use this website: Press the Select the File button. Deploy the picture and select it then press the Load button. Further you will be will be redirected on the page with links to your picture. Select the link "The Direct Reference on the Original" then copy it in the text of the letter and send to the addressee.

3. If there is a lot of pictures also they quite heavy, you can use services of such resources as Select all pictures intended for sending then click them the right mouse button and add them to archive. Set the password on archive – it you will secure information which is contained in it against access by the third parties. Load the turned-out archive by means of the corresponding button on the homepage of the website. Copy the link which will appear before you after loading, and send it in the letter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team