How to send SMS with the PC

How to send SMS with the PC

It is possible to send SMS with the PC only in the presence of steady connection to the Internet. The forms for sending SMS are had on the websites of mobile operators and also in some programs intended for communication in network.


1. That send message from the personal computer, it is necessary to be connected to the Internet, to come into the browser and to open the website of mobile operator on which subscriber it is necessary to send SMS. On the website find the reference, or a tab with the inscription "Send SMS" and click it. After that in the browser the page with a special form of sending will open. In a top margin enter the phone number of the subscriber, in lower - the text of the message. Further install sending options: select time of delivery and time after which SMS can be not sent (in couples if sending demands a long time of waiting for which the message will lose relevance) and also a type of the used text - Cyrillics or transliteration. Press the Send button. After that in a window of the browser the status the message will be displayed: ""Is delivered"", or ""In process"".

2. It is also possible to send SMS with the PC by means of programs messengers, for example to Skype. Download the program from the official site and install it. Pay attention that sending SMS from the computer by means of Skype not to recharge the account. It is possible to make it using electronic money, or the cash card. After introduction of funds for the account subscribe to the certain data plan comprising a certain number of the paid minutes and SMS or remain on a normal rate. After confirmation of introduction of means you can send SMS to subscribers worldwide and also call on computers and phones.

3. In addition to Skype sending SMS support such programs as Mail.Ru the Agent and ICQ, and in Mail.Ru the Agent sending SMS is free. Just add the phone number which will be displayed in the form of normal contact and write SMS as normal messages. Subscribers can also answer in Mail.Ru the Agent, but these SMS will be much more expensive of normal.

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