How to swing quicker with the modem

How to swing quicker with the modem

At net surfing by one of the most important factors vliyashchy on the speed of execution of objectives, loading speed is. Depending on a type of activity exist neskolk osposob by means of which it is possible to increase access rate to network.


1. The easiest way by means of which it is possible to increase as much as possible loading speed is change of a data plan of access to network of faster aside. Study offers from suppliers of this service in your city. Keep in mind that it is necessary to study offers from all providers, and not just from with what you signed the contract as identical offers can have the different price. If this option does not approach, pass to the following step.

2. For achievement of the highest speed, unload the channel of access to network so as far as it is possible. Disconnect download managers, a torrent clients and also messengers and browsers. Close the programs which are on a task bar and also those which are in a tray. Check their shutdown by means of a task manager. Complete processes which belong to the closed programs and also those in which name there is a word update - at present they download updates.

3. For maximizing speed when loading by means of the web browser close all tabs except that on which loading is carried out. Do not open new windows and do not start the applications using access to network before its end.

4. When loading by means of a download manager configure the program so that the maximum priority was assigned to the operating tasks. Disconnect speed limit if it is exposed. Set the maximum number of simultaneous loadings equal to one - in this case all possible speed will be given to this downloading.

5. When loading files using a torrent client configure the maximum number of simultaneous loadings equal to unit in the Configuration tab. After that select all files from the list and configure the maximum return equal to one kilobit per second. Also lift a limit on speed if it costs, and install the maximum priority for the loaded file.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team