How to disconnect a news feed

How to disconnect a news feed

News never happen a little. Other question that sometimes they happen too much to such an extent that the essence of the events is lost behind advertizing messages and unnecessary comments. How to disconnect a news feed on social network, in the browser and in CMS?


1. To delete unnecessary news or comments on social networks, you should deposit to the account of the website what-that sum. It will provide you the VIP-status for a certain period then you should recharge. If you worry about that visitors of your website did not see your answers to questions in my World, come into the section "That New", click a blue pencil and remove tags. After that save changes and refresh the page.

2. If on your computer the Internet Explorer 7 browser is installed below, select "Service" in its line, then pass to the Internet Options point and click In the addition tab. Find the line "Allow Third-party Expansions for the Observer" and deselect a checkbox.

3. If you use Internet Explorer of version 8 above and want to disconnect news on the website, come into the administrator section. In the section "Configurations" follow the link "Channels of News". Set the Turn on the General Channel of News parameter in situation "Is switched off".

4. If you have an Opera browser, enter its menu, then select the section "News" then refer to the Management of News point and turn off mailing. If you use Mozilla Firefox, enter the menu, select "Bookmarks". Find the News feed point, right-click on it and delete.

5. If you work in WordPress and would like to exclude records of headings from RSS from a fid, use the following code: function removeFromFeed(Squery) (if (Squery-> is feed) (Squery-> set ('cat', '-5');) return Squery;) add filter ('pre_get_posts','removeFromFeed');

6. If you want to exclude records both from a fid, and from the homepage, use the following code: function removeCat(Squery) (if (Squery-> is feed) | | ($query-> is_home &&! (is_paged))) {$query-> set ('cat', '-5,-34'); } return Squery;) add filter ('pre_get_posts','removeCat');

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team