Cage for a dog: luxury or need

Cage for a dog: luxury or need

Many owners of dogs do not wish even to hear about closing the pets in special cages – the same absolute mockery! In principle, their opinion is quite clear, and here its justification – rather doubtful if not to tell very superficial.

Cage for a dog: need or luxury

If you do not want to get a cage for the dog because you are afraid to injure her mentality or just consider it too cruel – you are deeply mistaken! Nobody protests, for example, against the sewed or wattled dog lodges in the apartment and also wooden boxes in the private sector. In other words, from production material the essence does not change. A cage for a dog – her house, a shelter and personal space. Especially in unfamiliar or others place.

It is possible to give dog shows as an example. Pay attention to how animals behave there: someone puts the tail between the legs and tries to take cover behind the owner's leg, others - show a spiteful grin and try to sort out the relations with relatives. As result – fatigue and extraordinary irritation in a ring, respectively not always worthy assessment of experts. While the animals who were quietly sitting in cages appear at judges fresh, well rested and full of strength. It is explained by the fact that despite a congestion of people and dogs, they were isolated, that is are protected. In this case need of a cage for dogs is obvious.

In a travel with a dog - not to do without cage

The cage and for transportation of dogs will be not less useful. Cars, trains, waiting rooms and infinite changes... All this leads to a huge stress. Probably, you noticed more than once that when your dog is in a state of panic or fear, she at the subconscious level tries to get into any shelter. That is why transportation (cage) gives the chance to a dog easier to transfer disorders.

Cage in a house situation

As for the house or the apartment, and here the dog cage will not prevent. For example, if you plan to do the cleaning or wait for guests, especially with the small child. Remember that whatever brought up was your dog, not everything depends on her – the kid not always manages to explain how it is correct to treat animals: not to pull ears, not to stick with fingers into an eye, etc. Respectively, the cage will become the real rescue for an animal in a similar situation.

Education of a little puppy

Or here, for example, a puppy – what it is worth accustoming him to cleanliness. Isn't that so? In the presence of a special cage, leaving the house, you will be able to close in it the pet for a couple of hours and when you return - at once to walk him. But consider at the same time that the dog should not spend too much time in a cage, otherwise her health can significantly worsen. In order that the animal fully developed, it needs good food, the movement, games, well and, of course, communication with the owner. Taking into account everything told above it is possible to tell with confidence that the cage for a dog is not luxury and, especially not manifestation of cruelty from the owner, and real need.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team