How to remove a tick at a dog

How to remove a tick at a dog

The animals having free access on the street can be exposed to stings of bloodsuckers including pincers. If you noticed a suspicious insect who gradually increases in sizes on a dog, try to take it, but be careful.

It is required to you

  • - gloves;
  • - tweezers;
  • - lubricating oil;
  • - thread;
  • - alcohol or iodine.


1. Carefully wash out hands with soap and put on rubber gloves. If they are absent, the usual cellophane bag will approach. The main thing that skin did not adjoin to the bloodsucker. Animals have no tick-borne encephalitis, and here the person can be infected if to crush an insect. The injection of immunoglobulin is in most cases entered on a paid basis therefore be provident. Try to take a parasite, having smoothly thrown back him backwards, and then forward. If he does not separate from skin of an animal, start other way.

2. Drip a little oil on a head of a tick. It is better to take machine – it contains oil products which completely block intake of oxygen. Wait a little until the bloodsucker begins to weaken a grasp. In certain cases he begins to get out. If no changes happened 10 minutes later, accurately pull it by means of tweezers or having taken between fingers.

3. If the tick and continues to resist under your impact, resort to the help of a thick and strong thread. Wind it around a head of an insect, try to tie a small knot. In a few minutes begin to extend the bloodsucker smoothly. Be careful if the trunk comes off, and the head will remain inside, emergence of inflammatory process is possible.

4. Call the veterinarian or take a dog to clinic if it did not turn out to withdraw a parasite from you. If everything passed successfully, process animal leather strong alcohol or iodine. Brilliant green will not be suitable for this purpose.

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