How to swing through a proxy

How to swing through a proxy

Every time when you pass to any web page or you download the posted online file, your browser or a download manager sends the corresponding request for the server where the page or the file is stored. This request, in particular, contains the IP address of your connection with network. Many free services of storage of files use it to limit the number of connections from one Internet connection. It is possible to bypass restriction replacement of the IP address with the address of the proxy server.


1. If for downloading you use the browser, then address proxy-servers needs to be specified in its settings of connection with the Internet. In the Opera browser for this purpose it is possible to click the keyboard shortcut ctrl + f12, to go to the Expanded tab, to select in the list at the left a line "Network" and to click on the Proxy servers button. In the opened window give a mark in the field of "Configure the Proxy Server Manually", and then enter in the separate IP address fields and the port of the proxy server. Then click OK in both open windows.

2. In the Internet observer of Internet Explorer open in the menu undressed "Service", select the Internet Options item and go to the Connections tab. Click the Setup button, having selected the necessary Internet connection, and give a mark in the section "Proxy server". After that enter the address and port in the respective fields and consistently click OK in both open windows.

3. In the Google Chrome browser for the indication of data of the proxy server open the menu, select the Parameters item, in the opened page click the link "Expanded" and in section "Network" click the Change Proxy Server Settings button. This browser has no own settings of connection with the Internet therefore the corresponding window installed in your Internet Explorer system, the sequence of actions for which is described on the previous step, will open.

4. When using Mozilla Firefox open the section "Tools" in the menu and select the Setup item. In the opened window pass into the section "In addition", click a tab "Network", and then the Configure button in the section "Connection". Give in the opened window a mark at the inscription "Manual Adjustment of Service of a Proxy" and enter the address and port of your proxy server. After that click OK in open windows of installations of the browser.

5. In the Safari Apple browser open the section "Editing" in the menu and select the Setup item. In the opened window go to the Additions tab and click the Change Settings button near the inscription "Proxy". As well as this browser of own settings of connection has no Google Chrome therefore the dialog of the Internet Explorer browser described on the second step will be started.

6. If for loading of files you use any download manager, then use options of work with proxy servers of this program. For example, in the FlashGet application for this purpose it is necessary to click in the menu an icon "Setup", then to click "Add", belonging to the proxy server, and in the opened window to enter the IP address and the port number. Close the OK button of a settings window and right-click the necessary downloading in the list of the general queue of loadings. In a context menu select the Properties item, in the opened window go to the Expanded tab and select the address of the necessary proxy server from the list. Then click OK and begin downloading the file.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team