How to turn on the camera of the interlocutor

How to turn on the camera of the interlocutor

Skype application is very convenient for voice and video conference which is carried out by means of webcams of both interlocutors. However sometimes the interlocutor for any reasons refuses to turn on the camera or at all there is offline. There are different solutions allowing to turn on it independently.


1. Do not come across tricks of the swindlers offering on the Internet the different additions for Skype allowing, according to developers, secretly to turn on the camera of the interlocutor. This function in the application is absent, and you put the account at risk to be cracked.

2. Try to ask the interlocutor to turn on the webcam during the conversation with it via Skype. Some users just do not know how to make it. That at the beginning of the conversation the camera turned on independently, it is necessary to establish connection, having chosen the Videovyzov command in the main menu. If the interlocutor executed a normal call, then advise it to click an icon with the crossed-out camera in a main window. It will allow to involve video from its device.

3. Take special advice to be connected to the home computer of the interlocutor remotely even if at present it is offline and to see the picture displayed by its webcam. However for this purpose it is necessary to have access to the computer of the interlocutor (for example when you appear at the friend of the family), to have in Skype two accounts (personal and other user) and also to make sure that on both computers of the camera function properly.

4. Install the following settings in the account of the interlocutor. On the Safety tab include function of acceptance of calls and messages only from people from the notebook. On a tab "Calls" involve automatic answer to incoming calls. Come into "Video settings" and click "Include video" and also "Begin video broadcasting automatically". Opposite to the To Automatically Accept Video point specify "From anybody". In the Settings of Audio menu switch off a signal of an incoming call.

5. Make sure that at the interlocutor the function of automatic start Skype with the operating system is included. Now you will be able to call him from the computer at any time and to observe the image from the home webcam.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team