How to unblock Internet Explorer

How to unblock Internet Explorer

Start of the browser can be limited to settings of the account, also different viruses and malicious applications can be the cause of its blocking. For a start you need to establish what prevents to start it.

It is required to you

  • - antivirus software;
  • - access to the editor of the register.


1. If for any reasons the restriction by the computer administrator is imposed on opening of the Internet Explorer browser, check whether there was with you an access to the editor of the register of the operating system. For this purpose come into the menu of the system Execute utility in the Start menu and enter into it regedit then at you the editor's window should be displayed. Pass to a directory of editing settings of the browser, having used search by the editor with the keyword Internet Explorer.

2. Unblock its start, having edited values on initial. Pay attention that often start of the editor is also limited to security settings. In this case you can bypass this restriction by means of a call of the help which opens at the key press of F1 in the observer then enter the address of the page which you want to visit in the opened Internet Explorer.

3. If start of the Internet Explorer browser is blocked by viruses or other malicious applications, use the Dr.Web Cure IT utility for cleaning of the computer of them. For this purpose visit the official page of the developer from the alternative browser and download the latest version of the program. Start fast check then delete the found harmful elements from your computer.

4. In cases when on your computer only one Internet Explorer browser is installed, and its start is blocked by malicious applications, start a task manager of wasps of Windows by means of clicking of the Shift+Ctrl+Delete keyboard shortcut and go to the tab of the started processes. Complete the found processes which belong to malicious applications, previously having written their names.

5. After that start the editor of the register of the operating system and pass to search by it, using names of processes as keywords. Delete the records created by malicious applications, also execute normal search of files with such names on your computer. Start Internet Explorer and download the antivirus software and the alternative browser.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team