How to watch telecasts on the Internet

How to watch telecasts on the Internet

It is not less fascinating to watch Internet television, than listen to Internet radio. Without installing a satellite dish, paying only Internet access, not using any software, except the browser and plug-ins to it, it is possible to browse on the air and in record of transfer of hundreds of channels of the different countries of the world.


1. Make sure of the following: - your Internet access is unlimited; - data transmission rate is not less than one megabit per second (compare: for uninterrupted listening of some Internet radio stations there are enough only 32 kilobits per second).

2. Install on the computer as much as possible plug-ins for playing of media flows. First of all, surely get Flash Player plug-in - the vast majority of Internet TV channels broadcasts in this format. Also install Moonlight if you use the Linux operating system, or Silverlight if at you on the computer Windows OS is installed. In the presence of the last also install Windows Media Player and Quick Time.

3. If desired just you visit the websites of TV channels known to you. Using the menu (which structure can change depending on the website), open sections in which transfers to records are presented, or find the player allowing to watch the air. Consider that in the presence of the player of the air it is possible to watch everything that the channel broadcasts at present, including movies, and here only those from transfers which are removed by TV company independently are usually provided to records.

4. Most of users, however, interests search on the Internet of the exotic TV channels which are not presented to areas where they live. It is inconvenient to use for their search normal search engines as there will be in this case websites of all channels in a row irrespective of whether broadcasts any given of them online. Therefore use the special website aggregator allowing to find only the websites of the channels conducting such broadcasting. The link to one of them is submitted at the end of article.

5. Use the website aggregator as follows. Find the complete list of the countries on its homepage. Select among them desirable. The list of the channels of the respective country conducting Internet broadcasting will be loaded. Follow the link. Depending on what aggregator you use, or the window with a player will open, or in the next tab the official site of the relevant TV channel will just be loaded. Find the page with the player in the second case on it independently. Start viewing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team