Whether it is worth trusting responses on the Internet

Whether it is worth trusting responses on the Internet

Selecting restaurant, beauty shop or dental clinic, we quite often look for responses on the Internet if there are no recommendations of friends or acquaintances. Whether it is possible to trust everything that is written or to be skeptical?

It is no secret, that there are PR companies or private copywriters who work on image of the companies including by writing of positive reviews on the website and other resources. How to distinguish a false response from "present" and where to look for them. 

Website of the company

It is simple to guess that on the website of any given company there will be only good reviews, neutral occasionally can come across. As employees monitor filling of the website and can easily delete everything that is not pleasant to them. Therefore in search of the truth go to the independent websites which collect reviews of all companies. 

There are specialized websites on restaurants, hotels, beauty shops. Of course, good reviews are ordered and there, but in the same place it is possible to find and bad to make some picture about the level and quality of services or goods. Perhaps, bad reviews are ordered by competitors, but it meets quite seldom. In responses pay attention to details and details: everything is no simple "badly" and what was not pleasant. If date of visit is specified - it is one of signs that the bad review is written by the real client too. If several people complain of the same things, then, probably, not just like that. 

Ratio of good and bad reviews

People's psychology such is that for a good review it can not find time, and here if he was strongly angered, then he will not be too lazy to write everywhere where it is only possible. If to take into account and the fact that many positive reviews are result of work of marketing specialists, then to receive an objective picture quite difficult. 


Pay attention only to the known, attended and well "untwisted" forums where people come to communicate. Here it is possible to make some idea of the author of a response, to read its other messages. At each user the number of the written messages is usually reflected. If a laudatory response — its only message, then an output is obvious. 

Social networks

According to the page of the author it is possible to draw easily a conclusion, real it is the character or advertizing. For example, if the comment about a banquet at restaurant was left by the bride — come on its profile, for certain she posted photos of the wedding in albums, or it is clear on an avatar. If something interested you — write to private messages, usually people share impressions about restaurants, travel or masters in beauty shops with pleasure. 

Thus, if it is correct to contact the correct sources in the Internet, it is possible to obtain necessary information. But it is worth taking into account that any opinion is subjective and can depend on features of the character which wrote or just on his mood. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team