What types of spam happen

What types of spam happen

Perhaps, each user of the personal computer and the Internet at least once faced spam. In fact spam - the advertizing of some goods or services imposed to the user.

Today there is a huge number of types of spam, each of which is used on some separate resource. Spam is the prohibited type of advertizing, promotion or promotion of goods and services, but despite this it exists and prospers. Several types of spam, it are selected: bulk mailing of e-mails, spam on social networks, forums and comments on them, the system of instant messages.


Bulk mailing of e-mails


Most likely, each owner of e-mail at least once noticed that to its address messages come from those resources on which it even was never registered. This kind of spam is the simplest and cheap. Mailing of this sort is carried out without any consent of the user. It can be carried out or in the manual mode, or in automatic by means of the special software. It should be noted that if to you the similar letter came to mail, then it is even better not to discover and not to download it any attachments (if they are) as the probability that in the attachment will be is high malicious software is found.


Spam on social networks

Many people use social networks, and with their increasing popularity spam volume on such websites began to grow. Such kind of spam is several times more difficult previous as social sites possess internal protection and in case of identification of the persons sending similar messages, the website them blocks. In this regard different phishing sites through which there is an interception of passwords of accounts and the subsequent placement of spam through the account of the victim according to private messages, boards and walls of friends and also companions related to the victim began to be popular.

Spam at forums and in the systems of instant messages

As for formu, spam today there you will practically not meet as the majority of messages on the similar websites is at first checked by the moderator, and already then takes place. Today spammers can be met in ICQ and other systems of instant messages though already and there this type of spam fades. The thing is that similar programs began to be provided with advanced security systems in this connection protection of similar programs increased times, and the number of spammers decreased. Unfortunately, from what users of similar programs cannot be protected today - from social engineering and exactly thanks to it malefactors can obtain necessary data.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team