Apple jam as a real man

Apple jam as a real man

The apple harvest haunts. Antonovka kept up. Soon winter, and tea with jam - excellent addition to evening rest!

It is required to you

  • Ratio of fruit to sugar 1 to 0.9
  • 1 kg of the peeled apples (if apples from the giving, it is possible not to clean)
  • 9 sugar kg
  • It is in addition possible to add at choice (especially if apples sweet):
  • - Plums without stones
  • - A chokeberry (it is possible to add cherry leaves - they will give additional aroma and will make chernoplodka berries much less astringent)
  • - Pitted cherries
  • Also it will be required:
  • 1) a big pan in which jam will cook
  • 2) banks with the twisting cover (total amount on 2.5 - 3 liters of jam)
  • 3) tablespoon


1. We cut apples segments of the average sizes and then we cut them in half. We spread in a pan of 1/3 apples and we fill up 1/3 sugars. Here it is possible to add also 1/3 prepared plums, chernoplodka or cherries. Then we spread 1/3 more fruit and again we pour sugar. We spread the remained fruit and we fill up with sugar.

2. We add a little (200 ml) hot water and we mix pan contents that fruit quicker than a distance juice.

3. That juice began to be emitted intensively, we put on a plate on weak fire (for an example, the level of 2-3 of 9) and we close a cover. Approximately we mix time 7-10 minutes that sugar was distributed evenly. In such mode has to stand till the moment when juice is emitted much and fruit will float from above. It will become clear when you once again mix future jam. Time it will borrow minutes 40.

4. When juice was emitted, you add fire to level slightly above the average (7 of 9). You wait until begins to boil (in about 15 minutes). You mix and diminish fire to an average (5 of 9). You cook minutes 25 on closed by a cover, till the moment when apples begin to become impregnated with juice and to become a little transparent and kind of wet. Remove a pan from a plate. Try not to allow razvarivaniye of apples, otherwise puree will turn out.

5. While jam cooks, wash up banks and covers. Scald clean banks and covers boiled water: let's the begun to boil zaynik stand 30 seconds, put a metal spoon in bank and a thin stream pour boiled water on a spoon. The spoon distributes heat and interferes with sharp temperature drop, as a result of bank doesn't burst.

6. Spread out ready hot jam on banks, close covers. Cool. Remove the cooled-down jars of jam on storage in the fridge. Bon appetit!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team