"Apples: than are useful how many calories, what vitamins and minerals contain

"Apples: than are useful how many calories, what vitamins and minerals contain

Many know that it is useful to eat apples because there vitamins. However not many think of what these fruit where they apply their valuable qualities at what diseases is them are useful does not follow. If you were interested in these and other questions of advantage and harm of fruits of an apple-tree, then you can find answers to them in our article.

Caloric content and nutrition value

To understand what benefit apple can bring, let's consider its vitamin and mineral structure and power value.

On average apple weighs about 135-200 g. The nutrition value of 100 grams of a product is 47 kcal — 3.3% of standard daily rate for the person. Proteins in apple — 0.4 g (0.49%), fats — 0.4 g (0.62%), carbohydrates — 9.8 g (7.66%). Food fibers make 1.8 g, water — 86.3 g, organic acids — 0.8 g.

Vitamin and mineral structure

Pulp and peel approximately of a half of one fruit contain such components:


  • And — 5 mkg (0.6% of standard daily rate for the person);
  • beta carotene — 0.03 mg (0.6%);
  • thiamine (B1) — 0.03 mg (2%);
  • Riboflavinum (B2) — 0.02 mg (1.1%);
  • pantothenic acid (B5) — 0.07 mg (1.4%);
  • pyridoxine (B6) — 0.08 mg (4%);
  • folates (B9) — 2 mkg (0.5%);
  • ascorbic acid (C) — 10 mg (11.1%);
  • alpha tocopherol (E) — 0.2 mg (1.3%);
  • biotin (H) — 0.3 mkg (0.6%);
  • fillokhinon (J) — 2.2 mkg (1.8%);
  • RR — 0.4 mg (2%).


  • Al (aluminum) — 110 mkg;
  • B (pine forest) — 245 mkg;
  • V (vanadium) — 4 mkg;
  • Fe (iron) — 2.2 mg (12.2% of standard daily rate for the person);
  • I (iodine) — 2 mkg (1.3%);
  • Co (cobalt) — 1 mkg (10%);
  • Mn (manganese) — 0.05 mg (2.5%);
  • Cu (copper) — 110 mkg (11%);
  • Mo (molybdenum) — 6 mkg (8.6%);
  • Ni (nickel) — 17 mkg;
  • Rb (rubidium) — 63 mkg;
  • Se (selenium) — 0.3 mkg (0.5%);
  • F (fluorine) — 8 mkg (0.2%);
  • Cr (is lame) — 4 mkg (8%);
  • Zn (zinc) — 0.15 mg (1.3%).


  • K (potassium) — 278 mg (11.1%);
  • Ca (calcium) — 16 mg (1.6%);
  • Mg (magnesium) — 9 mg (2.3%);
  • Na (sodium) — 26 mg (2%);
  • S (is gray) — 5 mg (0.5%);
  • Ph (phosphorus) — 11 mg (1.4%);
  • Cl (chlorine) — 2 mg (0.2%).

Also as a part of an apple-tree fruit usvoyaemy carbohydrates, irreplaceable and replaceable amino acids, saturated fatty acids.

Than apples are useful to an organism

Thus, it is enough to eat two and a half fruits to satisfy standard daily rate of vitamin C, potassium, iron, copper. It means that apples have the all-strengthening effect on an organism, increase organism resilience against catarrhal diseases.

Learn how to avoid and cure cold.

Potassium is necessary for implementation of water, acid, electrolytic balance, carrying out nervous impulses.

Normal concentration of iron provides good blood circulation, oxygen transportation, interferes with development of anemia.

Copper takes part in formation of collagen, elastin, endorphins, transformation of iron into hemoglobin.

Apples recommend to eat for normalization of activity of a cardiovascular system, strengthening of walls of vessels, improvement of their elasticity. They are an excellent product for work of a digestive tract, means for fight against spring hypovitaminosis. They are advised to use with the preventive purpose against emergence of malignant new growths in a stomach and intestines. If to generalize useful properties of apples, their list will look as follows:

  • all-strengthening;
  • antioxidant;
  • laxative;
  • diuretic;
  • bile-expelling;
  • immunomodulatory;
  • antiedematous;
  • cleaning.


For men it will be for certain interesting to learn that apples affect potency and men's hormones.

Health of the man directly depends on receipt in its organism of vitamins and minerals.

Those who watches beauty of the body should eat these fruit as in them it is a little calories, and here vitamins and minerals are enough for normal activity of all organism, delay of aging, prevention of cardiovascular diseases and Alzheimer's disease, clarification of blood, decrease the level of "bad" cholesterol in it and strengthenings of immunity in general. Besides they promote improvement of brain activity and physical endurance that is very important for the modern man. Their role and in strengthening of gums and enamel of teeth, but not is big at the excessive use.

By scientists it was established that eating two apples a day, the person promotes that cholesterol level in its organism falls for 16%. Two fruits a day used together with onion and four glasses of green tea reduce risk of developing of heart attack by 32%.


Irreplaceable fruit are apples and for women. Especially thanks to the content of folic and pantothenic acid, biotin. These substances allow to emphasize female beauty, having made beautiful and strong hair, teeth, nails, to improve a condition of integuments. Folic acid besides is important at a stage of planning and incubation of the child. She is responsible for the correct development of a nervous tube and formation of a brain in the kid.

Vitamins — an important part of health and beauty of the woman. Learn what vitamins are necessary for strengthening of hair, nails how to apply means with vitamins to skin youth (vitamin E, vitamin A).

Earlier gruel from apple pulp was used for healing of cracks on nipples during breastfeeding. It was mixed with fat and put to wounds. Those ladies who strictly watch a condition of the figure know well that apples enter various diets. There is an opinion that their use promotes formation of a beautiful waist.

Doctors recommend to eat more than these fruit to the women staying in the climacteric period. At this age the risk of development of osteoporosis considerably increases, and apples interfere with developing of this disease.

Read also about vitamins for women in the period of a menopause.

Well and, of course, for women their property to slow down cell aging is very important.


Apple is one of products which enter as the first feeding up to babies. First, on these fruit the kids have no allergy. Secondly, small children who already had first teeth, but which they are not able to clean yet need to eat them to purify tooth enamel and interdental intervals.

The vitamin C use is important for children to be ill less. Iron is necessary for prevention of anemia.

It is important! That vitamins and minerals from apples were better acquired by a children's organism, they need to be given together with raisin, bananas, carrot, dried apricots.

Application of one of the most popular fruit in the world

Thanks to the usefulness, availability and prevalence practically worldwide apple found broad application. It is used by culinary specialists, nutritionists, folk healers, cosmetologists.

In cookery

The most widespread directions of use of apples in food are fresh fruits and in the form of juice. Fresh fruit add to vitamin salads, use as a stuffing for pies and pies (apple pies, strudels, etc.). Baked fruit are very useful. They are baked in an oven or in the microwave. It is a traditional component of medical diets for the people having problems with digestive bodies. Also apples wet, make sour and dry. For the winter prepare in the form of jam, jam, jam, preserve in the whole look.

Get acquainted with recipes for apple desserts — apple pies, the stuffed apples and also learn more about properties of soaked and dried apples, apple cider vinegar.

From apples and other fruit, berries great compote, kvass, wine, cider, kissel turn out. Also apple cider vinegar is popular.

In dietology

In modern dietology several diets with apples are developed. Exists also monocomponent, calculated for 10 days. However, as these fruit almost do not contain proteins, those who tried this diet, claim that in three days the weakness and fast fatigue appears. In that case fruit are advised to supplement with walnuts.

More acceptable option — fasting days: around eight in a month. In the rest of the time — usual food.

It is important to understand that only those people who have no contraindications to their use can keep to a diet with fresh fruit.

And here in a baked look apples are easily acquired by a digestive tract therefore all can use them without restrictions. Receiving them every morning, the organism will remove strongly urine and to clean intestines, thus being exempted from toxins.

Also in dietology several types of diets with apples and other components are developed: kefir, buckwheat, porridge and cottage cheese.

At correctly organized dietary food and normal reaction of an organism it is possible to dump up to five kilograms of weight in a week.

In traditional medicine

It is useful to eat apples not only to the healthy people for prevention of any problems but also who got sick — for the purpose of treatment. In numerous recipes of traditional medicine advise not only to eat these fruits in the whole look, but also to prepare from them remedies.

Important! Folk remedies should not be used as the main therapy. They can act only as additional treatment. Before application of each of them it is necessary to study the list of contraindications to consumption of apples and also to consult with the doctor.

So, for example, at low hemoglobin advise to eat not less than a half a kilo of apples a day for a month, or to drink on a glass of apple-beet juice twice a day within two weeks.

At gastritis it is necessary to eat two grated fruits within a month in the mornings. At the same time it is necessary not to drink three hours before consumption of puree and three hours later.

At locks: two apples cook in the glass of milk diluted with a half of a glass of water within five minutes. Means is drunk in the mornings on an empty stomach. At cough: means is prepared from equal parts of apple puree, polished onions and honey. It is eaten on a tablespoon by three times a day.

For the infusion normalizing pressure, the tablespoon of a dried peel is filled in with a glass of boiled water and insisted 10 minutes. At reception add sugar. Drink five-six times a day to food.

At an urolithic disease the apple broth prepared from three crude cut fruits which are filled in with liter of boiled water and welded for 10 minutes helps. Before the use add sugar to broth.

Cracks on nipples are treated by gruel from the wiped apples (one part), vaseline (one part) or butter (one part). Gruel is imposed on wounds.

In cosmetology

Except that apples give to skin, nails and hair a healthy look at their use inside, they can also be used outwardly in the form of masks, baths, broths, water for washing, compresses.

Study recipes of masks for appearance of hair and persons.

That the person had beautiful color and radiated a healthy look, it needs to be rinsed with water with addition of apple cider vinegar (one teaspoon of vinegar on water half of liter).

Water for washing is prepared from 50 g of an apple peel which need to be boiled in a glass of water. Then to add there orange-peels. It is necessary to infuse water two hours. Before application to filter. For refreshing and food of the person do a mask of two polished fruits which should be taken on a face of 20 minutes.

Apply mix from polished apple (one piece) to dry skin, honey (one teaspoon), the crushed oat flakes (one tablespoon). The mask is held by 20 minutes.

We advise to read about useful properties and cosmetology application of honey (lime, podsolnechnikovy, buckwheat, chestnut).

Nails recover by means of 10-minute baths from the apple cider vinegar mixed in equal proportions with olive oil.

And the simplest procedure allowing to achieve face skin of a healthy type is massaging of front integuments a segment of the cut apple for two-three minutes. Naturally, as well as when using masks, at this procedure it is necessary to avoid an eye area and a nasolabial triangle.

Whether you know? In India and South America, sects in which apples are a subject of worship are formed and are honored as a life symbol.

Red, green or yellow: what to choose

The structure of apples depending on a grade and color can differ. So, for example, fruit of red and yellow color contain less sugar and apple acid. In yellow — the smallest content of iron, however is more than pectin. At red there is a beta carotene. Green fruit are advised to eat to diabetics and that at whom the lowered acidity of a stomach is revealed. Red are not suitable for allergic persons. Yellow, because of the high content of sugar — for having obesity.

Why you should not clean a peel

Concerning whether it is necessary to eat apples with a peel or to clean it, there are various opinions. Some claim that with a thin skin fruit it is twice more useful as in it there are such substances which pulp does not contain — for example, those which prevent formation of cancer tumors or are capable to reduce pressure.

On the other hand, there is an opinion that not all peel is equally useful as for the best transportation of fruit it is greased quite often with wax or chemicals which are difficult for washing away then. And after processing by them about any advantage of the speech cannot be any more.

From here a conclusion — fruits with the raw peel should not be cleaned before the use. And here undergone processing most of which often are on sale in supermarkets — it is better to clean nevertheless as such peel can do only harm.

Whether it is possible at pregnancy and breastfeeding

Certainly, apples —"

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