How to increase eyes visually

How to increase eyes visually

does unpretentious and nice female face fascinating and fine? Big, deep, as the sea abysses attracting eyes in which soul shines. Their look submits, forces down from legs and forces to follow his owner on the world's end. But not all women have them by nature huge and magical. Having learned how to increase eyes visually by means of competent make-up, it is possible to correct it.

It is required to you

  • - ink;
  • - pencil for century dark;
  • - pencil for century light;
  • - palette of shadows;
  • - curling tongs of eyelashes.


  1. Before putting ink twirl eyelashes by means of special devices. This reception will allow to increase eyes visually. Well paint over eyelashes and carefully divide them brush. You do not cause large amount of ink – it makes heavier look. Also make up the lower cilia.
  2. Bring the lower internal eyelid light or nacreous pencil. The upper eyelid is accurate through growth of eyelashes make up dark pencil.
  3. At external corner of eye make the most dark stain of shadows, issue mobile eyelid and fold lighter shades - it is one of classical rules of make-up. Put the lightest shadows through growth of eyebrows – it raises eyebrows, visually increases the area of century and eye.
  4. And, at last, the shape of eyebrows is crucial. Accurate well-groomed eyebrows which are laid hair to hair do look more expressive, and – it is more eye.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team