As well as with what there are candied fruits

As well as with what there are candied fruits

Candied fruits call the candied berries, fruit and vegetables which were uvarena in a sugar syrup and are in a certain way dried. It is considered that candied fruits it is much more useful, than usual candies because contain vitamins and cellulose and also less kaloriyna, it is possible to eat them during a diet.

Useful properties of candied fruits and their use

Candied fruits contain the increased amount of sugar therefore they are carried to products of the increased caloric content (about 216 kcal on 100 g). However if to compare the caloric content of candied fruits to the caloric content of chocolates (about 500 kcal on 100 g), then it becomes clear that candied fruits it is much more useful. Nutritionists advise to replace usual candies, chocolate and other confectionery with candied fruits. Besides, candied fruits are rich with useful cellulose, minerals and vitamins.

Usually diets assume consumption of 1200-1500 kcal a day therefore it is possible to include 40-50 g of tasty candied fruits in such diet. Keep in mind that during a diet your organism can lack vitamins, the risk of avitaminosis increases therefore surely include candied fruits in your daily diet.

In addition, the use of candied fruits increases mood of the person, helps to endure emotional, psychological and physical activities. Replacement of candies with candied fruits will be useful also to children as will allow to keep healthy teeth. Remember that the real candied fruits shouldn't be very bright color. Bright coloring demonstrates a large amount of dyes. The following method will help to define availability of dyes to you: throw pieces of the candied berries and fruit into the boiling water. In case water isn't painted, pieces will be whole, you bought natural candied fruits. Press on packing with candied fruits: if liquid or fruit very firm was formed, then by their production technologies were broken. The light taste and pleasant fruit aroma of candied fruits are so pleasant that it is possible to eat them more, than it is necessary. Keep in mind that the excessive use of candied fruits can become the cause of obesity, caries, diabetes and stomach ulcer.

Candied fruits in cookery

Comfit and berries can just be eaten. Candied fruits can be used in cookery and to add to pastries, ice cream, jelly, cottage cheese and various dairy products. Without candied fruits it is impossible to appear various Easter cakes (a chocolate Easter cake, an Easter cake, an Easter cake centenary, Panettone's Easter cake, etc.), Easter, lapshevnik with cottage cheese, sugar puddings and rolls. Candied fruits can be applied as a stuffing to sweet, egg, keksovy, shortcake and yeast dough. Also by means of candied fruits decorate cakes, cakes, rolls, cookies, etc.

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