At what temperature sterilize the jars in an oven

At what temperature sterilize the jars in an oven

Sterilization of cans - compulsory procedure at conservation of fruits. Without it it is impossible to receive preparations which would be stored long time. One of the easiest ways of sterilization - warming up of cans in an oven at a certain temperature.

It is possible to sterilize the jars for preparations in several ways, for example, by means of steam treatment, boiled water, by their heating in the multicooker, the double boiler, an oven, the microwave, etc. Use of an oven for sterilization - very convenient way will get rid of various bacteria in banks, however that as a result ready preparations were long stored, banks of different volumes it is necessary to maintain in the device different amount of time or at different temperatures.

How to prepare banks for sterilization in an oven

First of all it is necessary to examine banks. If on a container there are any defects breaking its integrity, especially cracks on walls and day, chips on a neck, then this ware should be postponed - it doesn't suit for conservation. The fact is that when heating either banks will burst, or preparations will quickly deteriorate as violation of integrity of cans - guarantee of development in their contents of bacteria.

After selection of ware it should be washed. For work it is better to use soda as it perfectly cleans and at the same time doesn't leave any smells. For the lack of soda in economy the banks can be washed also usual detergent for ware or laundry soap. In conclusion of banks it is necessary to rinse properly with cold water, to spread out on in advance washed up oven lattice a neck down (banks shouldn't concern each other) and to place in a cold oven.

At what temperature and what is the time sterilize the jars in an oven

Hold time of cans in an oven depends on their size and temperature at which the container will be sterilized. It is considered that it is better to sterilize the big jars (2-3 liters) at 100-120 degrees during a quarter of hour, average (700-800-gram and liter) - at 130-140 degrees within 10-12 minutes, and small which volume less than 700 ml - at 150 degrees within seven-five minutes. Time should be reckoned only after heating of an oven to the established temperature.

Important: it is necessary to take heated-up banks from an oven not at once and when they cool down up to 70-80 degrees. Up to this temperature the banks cool down in 7-10 minutes after switching off of the device. It is possible to use for designated purpose them at once.

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