How to remain happy even aged: 6 principles of life

How to remain happy even aged: 6 principles of life

So it was led that in our modern society the old age is associated with the first-aid kit full of drugs, phone of ambulance in a visible place, the TV with never-ending series. All this prejudices, all people are individual and solve how to them to live. Despite so old age, they enjoy life, surprise surrounding with creative achievements and great physical shape. In soul they are young and feel as young beautiful girls.

Old age – time not to limit itself

You treat old age, as by time of unlimited opportunities. Now you can really do everything that you will wish, without looking back on people around. Your age allows you not to pay attention to condemnation of colleagues, neighbors and other strangers.

To what to listen to people whose opinion absolutely does not influence you in any way? There will be enough fact that you reacted to remarks of people around earlier and in vain worried about it. Forget about leisure gossips and live happily.

How to carry out it in practice? Grant the desires which refused because of fear of condemnation. Make a youth hairstyle and ultrabright hair color. Add youth stylish accessories to clothes: a wide bracelet, the extended earrings, the clutch embroidered with beads. Now to you anybody not the decree!

Do not refuse to the weaknesses

Earlier they were weaknesses, now is that you want, and you execute the wishes carelessly. A nourishing dinner for the night in front of the TV? Yеs, please. I want cake renting, I want some potato I will fry. And I will watch not the snotty soap opera, but the abrupt movie action. I so want and I have the right to indulge the desires.

 Let twenty-year-old girls care for calories and excess centimeters on sides. Self-sufficient women are always happy with the weight. And abstruse genres – an occasion to show off for thirty-year-old "intellectuals". To you for fifty, and you care for that to prove something to someone a little.

Gray hair – it is natural

The old age is time when at last it is possible to forget about monthly colourings of the grown tips. Your natural hair color – gray-haired. Tell "yes" to naturalness in everything. Refuse a difficult make-up with a heap of cosmetics. They are not necessary to you and the more so are unhealthy as well as coloring of hair chemical means.

You treat the wrinkles with indulgence, they a consequence of the experience gained for years of life. Your internal feeling is transferred to people around and they will notice amazing charm of your look. The network of wrinkles formed from a smile will give mischief and slyness.

Forget also about high heels of which quickly you are tired. You are magnificent even in shoes on low to the course. And still now you can gather in five minutes, having put on a thing which the first will come hand. Your man will surely estimate it.

Having made so once, you do not want to turn for hours in front of the mirror any more to make up to pick up a suitable dress and footwear. Why to try to make an impression on people who will not even notice it.

Regularity in each movement

It is it inexpressible high not to hurry anywhere. Now it is not necessary to fuss and hurry in the mornings. Feel satisfaction from awakening at own will without hated alarm clock.

Slow rise, pleasant feelings from a morning shower, a tasty nourishing breakfast. Unless earlier you could afford it? And remember the daily road for work in fussy crowd of cars and people. It is such load of mentality.

There is no all this now, you do everything at will. Wanted, swept on the minibus to the park or walked on supermarket, examining show-windows. Time will be enough for everything.

The childishness suits you

In old age when children already adult, it is possible to forget about gravity and severity. To care for grandsons only in time, convenient for itself and at own will. Be given to rushes and indulge them as you want. Indulge pranks of grandsons, you have fun with them with all the heart, you give cool gifts. And problems with their progress at school and behavior let are solved by their parents.

Now turn of your children to be strict and serious. It is so pleasant to feel "on a wave" with the grandsons teenagers. You can even come off at them at a party where the entrance is forbidden parents. You are friends now and you will never tell what there was.

Old age – a new round of life

The age for fifty is an occasion to begin life new, full of fascinating incidents. What you once refused to yourself, can be executed now. On it at you still half-lives, and it is a lot of time.

You can go to a travel "savage", jump with a parachute, swim for a while with sharks. And you want, create to yourself the video blog and become known. Do what will bring you positive emotions and will make happy. Now you have a mass of opportunities and any barriers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team