How to build the parking

How to build the parking

Transport business has great prospects. Machines do not stand for a long time near entrances since most of people simply is afraid for their safety. Besides there is no place sometimes simply. The parking helps motorists with the solution of such problems with this plan.

It is required to you

  • - site;
  • - registration documents;
  • - working and construction materials.


1. Before starting construction of the parking, register in the tax inspection. Will be to specify himself as the individual entrepreneur enough.

2. For construction of parking it is necessary to get or rent the parcel for long term. It is desirable that that settled down in the dormitory or central region of the city. Know that in the contract the condition that in the territory you will build the parking has to be considered.

3. Parkings are different: and covered, and multy-storey, the asphalted platforms which are simply fenced with fence. The last option which should be considered will be the least simple in realization.

4. For a start the territory of future parking needs to be leveled. For this purpose several machines with soil and the excavator are required.

5. Later the filling brick layer is filled. All this is filled in with concrete basis. For economy of the place, instead of filling brick it is allowed to use construction waste. The construction organizations will be glad to share with you as on dumps it is necessary to pay for its utilization. There is restriction – it has to be small.

6. Then on parking, asphalt keeps within. To receive qualitative result, it is necessary to use the big asphalt spreader. If with finance hardly, and means are very limited, it is possible to use services of small skating rink.

7. After asphalting it will be necessary to establish indexes and to put marking.

8. Do not forget about fence. It has to have the convenient and wide, closed gate. The small gate for employees will be also to the place.

9. If to involve dogs in protection, then for care of their accommodation it is necessary to establish boxes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team