Causes of a loss of appetite

Causes of a loss of appetite

The appetite represents physiological process in an organism which at normal functioning works three times a day. At increase or decrease in feeling of hunger it is necessary to pay attention to health as it can become symptom of any disease.

Main reasons for a loss of appetite

Of course, the appetite not only at children, but also at adults can significantly decrease in the summer. It is caused by the fact that the organism spends much smaller amount of energy, than in cold season for maintenance of normal body temperature. In this case you shouldn't worry, at a cold snap the organism will restore the functions.

The inactive way of life is the second reason. For example, if the person is on vacation and the most part of time lies on a sofa or on the beach. At small increase in loadings the organism needs more calories which it receives with food. In the period of a depression and at frequent stressful situations there is a loss of appetite. As a rule, women who rather strictly treat the appearance suffer more often. The aspiration to possess ideal forms leads to reduction and gradual disappearance of appetite. This violation leads to anorexia or exhaustion of an organism. If you take medicines, loss of appetite can be side effect. It is expedient to consult with the doctor and to attentively read the summary. In this case it is necessary to replace medicine with another, even to stop reception completely. After a course the organism is restored independently. Appearance of parasites in digestive organs or inflammatory processes becomes a common cause of the broken appetite. It is possible to reveal their existence at delivery of the corresponding analyses (blood, urine, kcal), survey in the gastroenterologist, ultrasonography passing. Thus, it is recommended to ask immediately at sharp disappearance or significant reduction of appetite for medical care to establish the reason and in time to receive medical treatment.

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