Culinary cunnings

Culinary cunnings

Process of cooking is very fascinating, especially for those to whom it is pleasant. As well as in each business, there are efforts here. Happen also such which bring troubles. Their mothers and grandmothers gave much the treasured councils simplifying cooking in kitchen. We will consider such cunnings in more detail.

1. Many faced a problem when you measure, something sticky in measured tanks, and it remains then on walls. However, it is very unpleasant! But an exit is, just oil a mernik vegetable.

2. Happens that when frying fried eggs in it the shell piece which is very heavy for getting falls. And when you catch it, it runs away from a spoon or other subject. The cunning is that it is easier to press it to a bowl or to press down to a bottom of a frying pan and to extend through a ware board.

3. As to do the cook without garlic, it is very useful and demanded in cookery. But it is also very sticky and inconvenient. Everything that is necessary, it to cut off a back so that cloves were divided, to wet for 10 minutes in water and further to clean a knife or to tap in a bowl the covered other ware.

4. Very badly gives in to cleaning of grenades, but it is possible to apply a special method to its razdelyvaniye. Decrown that streaks were seen. Make cuts on these streaks, turn pomegranate and from above knock with a spoon. And all kernels will get enough sleep.

5. What can be worse than the soiled oven? It can be avoided if to bake ingredients in a foil or paper for roasting, it can also be covered on an oven bottom in several layers.

6. Who doesn't like to regale on a fried small fish! But at its cooking very much stirs a fishy odor. It is possible to avoid it, vinegar instantly takes away a smell of fish from any surfaces, whether it be knives or boards and a table.

7. For many cutting of onions becomes the real test. But not to cry, just put chishcheny onions in a bowl with water, and moisten a knife from time to time.

8. Most of people faced a problem of cleaning of a shrimp from an armor. But everything is remediable if to use a fork. One extreme tooth of a fork you thrust a baking plate an armor, and he will easily act.

10. The big problem for the cook is a tomato puree. It can be solved if just to use one method. You cut small tomatoes on half, and large on 4 parts, cutting out a green core, then you rub it on a grater with a thin skin outside. Purees with pulp and juice will get to a bowl, and the skin will remain on a grater.

11. Sometimes occurs so that sugar forms the hardened lumps. It is possible to bring it to a loose state again, having just rubbed lumps on a grater.

12. Easily to get sunflower seeds from pumpkin and a melon, and also overripe squash, just use for this purpose a spoon for ice cream.

Using these councils, you will be able to facilitate to yourself process of cooking and to save time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team