Description of main types of sports food

Description of main types of sports food

The subject of healthy food and, in particular, sport pita is very popular also with many very famous, however not all understand what it is about. To help you with it finally to understand, in article we will in details consider what is sports additives and also types and features of application sport pita.

What is sports additives?

In modern sport it is rather heavy to achieve the stunning results without special food. Sports additives are the medicines helping to increase force and endurance, they improve health of training and normalize his digestive system.

Their main objective is the help in achievement of the put results in sport: using such additives, it is possible to build muscles and to increase their force.


  1. Such food will help an organism to gain muscle bulk and also to burn excess fats.
  2. Sports additives will fill balance of missing useful substances.
  3. The result becomes noticeable in several days — very effectively there is a gain of weight.
  4. After acceptance of additives it will become much easier for organism to transfer even the strongest loadings.
  5. It is not required to receive the recipe for their acquisition — they are in free access, they can be bought in any fitness club or specialized shop.
  6. Additives will allow to feel stronger.

Learn how to choose qualitative sports food and for what a guaran in sports food.


  1. Allergic reaction to separate elements of composition of medicine can be shown.
  2. Additives negatively affect digestive system — medicine heavy for an organism.
  3. Symptoms of fatigue, nausea, heartburn, abdominal distension can initially be shown.

Main types sport pita and their appointment

Sports food is group of nutritional supplements which give to an organism necessary substances. They are intended for those who lead active lifestyle, holding constant trainings. Sport food does not replace habitual, it only supplements it, being a certain balanced formula where there is an amount of substances necessary for an organism. Let's consider main types.


It is the most popular type of sports food without which it is very heavy to achieve good results. The described substance — the most demanded among experienced athletes and beginners. The protein is accepted right after loading. They are two types: fast and long.

Whether you know? Transferring from English protein, we will receive the word protein, and it is a key component of efficiency of the person, protein is that material on the basis of which muscles are under construction.

The first type at once loads a body with an impulse of energy and gives an impetus to work. The second type transfers squirrels not at once, and within several hours. That to distinguish them among themselves, it is worth knowing the following information: serumal belongs to the first look, and means with casein protein — to the second. Allocate such types of protein: casein, serumal, hydrolyzate, serumal isolate, soy, egg, dairy isolate. The first type should be accepted in the morning and after each fat-burning training. The second should be accepted in half an hour from the last reception of food, as a rule, for the night. The structure of protein is simpler, the quicker it is acquired, breaking up to amino acids. At addition of mixes in the food you without difficulties will cover amount of the proteins used throughout the day.


It is a favourite product of many athletes, in it proteins and carbohydrates are connected — they promote fast increase in weight, give forces before the forthcoming occupation and quickly restore forces after the training. Geyner will fill a lack of proteins and carbohydrates of an organism. Its structure is as follows: 3 parts of carbohydrates and 1 part of proteins.

Read in more detail what sports food is suitable for weight loss to men and women.

Protein is responsible for construction, and carbohydrates — for energy inflow. By types of disintegration carbohydrates are fast and slow. The first option will allow the athlete to receive the maximum inflow of forces before receiving loading, the second option breaks up slowly, and the organism will receive additional energy after the training. Take the drug directly for half an hour to and right after the training.

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Additive will help with combustion of fat which quickly will leave only at physical activities, and process of weight loss will take place easily and quickly. On sale many such additives are presented - it is blockers of carbohydrates, fats, termodzhenik. It is necessary to pay attention to all components, in some there can be allergens.

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It is fibrillar protein, or a protein which connects tissues of ligaments, sinews, walls of blood vessels. The main objective is a strengthening of cages and the general maintenance of functionality of fabrics and bodies. As with age availability of collagen decreases, degenerative processes begin to develop progressively owing to what on a face wrinkles develop, skin begins to droop.

Also it will be interesting to you to learn how to protect joints and ligaments by means of collagen.

In an organism there are changes too — joint pains begin to develop. Collagen participates in restoration of fabrics after receiving various damages, promotes a lowering of arterial pressure.

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Vitamin and mineral complexes

Their main destination — saturation of an organism vitamins and minerals. They are additives to food and are not considered as medicines. Are issued in various forms and for different categories of people, depending on age requirements and a floor. The described substances have no harmful additives and are not hazardous to health at all, do not cause allergic reactions.

Important! It is possible to choose medicines only with experts: the trainer and the nutritionist can choose for you ideal means, considering your specific features. The necessary dosage is defined by the expert in results of your blood tests.

People who do bodybuilding have to eat high-calorific food, and in it, as we know, very few useful substances. They can take vegetables and fruit only in limited quantity, some substances simply are not perceived by an organism. However vitamins will be able to solve this problem: accepting additives, the athlete will accelerate the metabolism and synthesis of necessary substances, will slow down oxidizing process, will put muscular activity in order.

Amino acids

These are components of proteins, so-called bricks which build all human body. Are issued in the form of tablets and capsules. They promote restoration of fabrics after physical activities, reduce at the same time feelings of pain, also they prepare an organism for acceptance of further loadings, increase endurance.

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Release forms

All sports additives can be produced in the form of powders, tablets, capsules, bars and liquid substances. Each form has some advantages over another, it is possible to notice it at a speed of digestion of additive. Experienced athletes give the preference to medicines in the form of tablets thanks to convenience in use and storage. Tablets will be suitable practically for all, they have no accurately expressed taste. Such form keeps useful substances, than, for example, powder longer.

Whether you know? The very first sports additive was created in 1934 and intended only for people with high physical activity. It was the dry mix created on the basis of the vegetable components which are grown up on the earth with the increased content of mineral substances.

As for powder, its price is lower, than at other forms. Such form is acquired in an organism very quickly. However not all like to use powder as it is necessary to measure constantly it that then to add the necessary amount of liquid and to make cocktail. Besides, though there is a huge amount of tastes of cocktails, however they quickly bother. Gelatin capsules are convenient and practical. It is possible to open at any time the capsule and to pour out powder in food. It is simpler to swallow of them, than tablets, however cost is more expensive than them the last. However there are also some difficulties: after reception the organism needs to spend time for destroying a cover and to reach useful substances.

Important! By means of sports food it is possible to fill missing amount of substances in an organism and also to avoid overeating. One gram of additive equals to 150-180 grams of usual food.

The majority uses medicines in liquid forms, the dosage in them is much lower, than in tablets and capsules. A portion of the received positive components uniform, assimilation time very fast. The only shortcoming is a high price.

Preferences of consumers by types

The market of sports food is not so broad therefore the circle of consumers is quite narrow — generally it is athletes. Consumption of the described medicines by them is caused by the fact that there is a need for support of sportswear and also recuperation and the spent energy on trainings. Surveys for detection of the main preferences of consumers of sports food were conducted. Results are as follows:

  • 59% prefer to use a protein in the diet;
  • 50% are vitamin and mineral complexes;
  • 46% are amino acids;
  • 38% — creatine;
  • 30% are power engineering specialists;
  • 18% — geyner;
  • 6% prefer to use other substances.

Sports food fills the athlete's diet with necessary useful components. With their help it is possible to achieve quickly good results in sport and to get a desirable shape of a body.

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