What fish is called oil and in what her advantage?

What fish is called oil and in what her advantage?

Oil fish is a collective name of several species of fish with gentle and oily fillet of white color at once. This is tropical fish who lives in open waters, and to the coast comes only for spawning. Some species of this fish at consumption cause an indigestion, others bear big advantage for health. In this article features of the existing species of oil fish and their difference, the chemical composition of fish fillet, useful properties and harm of this food product will be considered.

Oil fish: main types

It is quite difficult to distinguish store fillet of one look from another. It is necessary to do it as separate breeds of oil fishes are not suitable for consumption though they go on sale.

It is important! If you were going to prepare the whole oil fish of the house, then before beginning cutting, behead fish and suspend it for a tail that the surplus of fat flew down before preparation.

  1. Includes three views at once, meets in waters of South America and Africa. Has the body flattened from sides without scales, needle fins, about 17% of fat contain the sizes from 20 to 50 cm of Fillet. Stromate are still known as "dollar-fish".
  2. The American oil. Massively is found in the western Atlantic where it is caught trawls. Fillet American oil sometimes is on sale under the guise of a klykach. The maximum size — 30 cm, weight — 450 g. Fillet contains many bones, the content of fat reaches 18%.

Whether you know? Despite historical love of Japanese for seafood, oil fish of a look eskolar in Japan is forbidden. It cannot be caught, imported to the country, to sell in the markets and in shops. At restaurants eskolar do not give since 1977 too. The same initiative was supported by the government of Italy several years after.

  1. Meets in waters of Australia and Tasmania. It is a large look which adult representatives weigh on average seven kilograms and in sizes reach 70 cm. Greenish-blue skin, without scales, eyes large, on roll out. Fat content of fillet exceeds 30% therefore in cookery it is used only for salting and smoking.
  2. It is a delicious species of a mackerel which belongs to skumbriyevy. It is similar on a tuna, weighs up to 60 kg and grows to two meters in length.

Whether you know? For the first time as a species oil fish was described in 1898 by the Swedish zoologist Adam Smith. Those years, only two species of this fish — the ruvet and a seriolell which were considered as inedible and commercially were not caught were known. This fish entered the broad use with alternate success about sixty years ago and since then is forbidden, starts over again being imported to the developed countries of the world.

Massive body, with sharp kileobrazny fins, skin of black color. Predatory creation which population is quite limited therefore commercially production is not conducted. Fillet contains about 10% of fat thanks to what is suitable for frying, cooking on a grill and productions of balyks.

Structure and caloric content

The chemical composition of this product is specified per 100 g of a product.

  1. Thanks to high content of fat and protein of fillet of this oil fish most often prepares by cold smoking. In 100 g of fillet of an eskolar 125 kcal, in 100 g of fillet of the American oil — 183 kcal contain.
  2. Content of feedstuffs in fillet following: proteins — 19.2 g; fats — 11.3 g; carbohydrates are absent; water — 66.3 g.
  3. Macrocells in this product are presented by potassium — 335 mg, phosphorus — 227 mg, calcium — 172 mg, sulfur — 189 mg, chlorine — 169 mg, sodium — 103 mg, magnesium — 39 mg.
  4. Minerals are present at fillet the following: zinc — 0.8 mg; iron — 0.65 mg; fluorine — 0.45 mg.

Important! In view of the special chemical composition it is desirable not to mix consumption of this product with drug intake from a hypertension and contraceptives. For an hour before meal and in two hours after it do not take medicine and whenever possible do not drink strong alcohol.

In spite of the fact that fillet of such fishes contains big percent of fat, caloric content of this product rather low.

Useful properties

To receive the maximum advantage of this product, it needs to be used regularly — at least two times a week.

  1. Chrome controls work of endocrine glands, helps to keep weight and removes overfatigue symptoms. The standard daily rate of chrome contains in 100 g of a product.
  2. Selenium strengthens sexual function of men, increases quality of sperm, enhances potency and saves from early symptoms of prostatitis.
  3. B12 vitamin stimulates metabolism and strengthens nervous system.
  4. Iron improves the haematogenic function, reduces female pain during critical days and prevents development of atherosclerosis.
  5. The calcium and phosphorus which are contained approximately in equal quantities strengthen a bone tissue, will be useful at arthritis and osteoporosis.
  6. High caloric content of this product does it by a valuable power source for active people who are subject to big physical and intellectual activities.

Harm and possible consequences

The main harm of this product consists in its exclusive fat content. Special air under the name gempilotoksin contains in all grades of this product and human intestines is not digested. It stimulates a zhyolchevydeleniye, irritates an intestines cover.

As consequences appear nausea, a diarrhea, sharp gripes in intestines, allocations gain saturated orange color. Symptoms of overdose appear at excessive consumption of fat fillet.

Learn more about useful properties of such fish as a loach, a flounder, a whiptail, a pollock, a capelin, a grouper, a navaga, a halibut, a pangasius, a haddock, blue whiting, a saury, a pike perch, a tilapia, a cod, a tuna, a hake.

People with individual intolerance of seafood have to refuse this product as it is strong allergen completely. This product is also contraindicated to those who suffers from obesity and diseases of a liver — it provokes rapid enrollment of weight and starts processes of a fat gepatoz. Oil fish is a product with disputable usefulness. Some grades of these fishes represent valuable foodstuff, others — are forbidden for realization in the countries of Europe.

Important! When choosing fillet be guided by its density and softness of skin. If fillet dense, and skin soft, before you a quality product. Flabby fillet on dense skin is a low-quality and unhealthy look, still known as the ruvet.

To minimize possible harm for an organism, oil fish needs to be prepared by cold smoking or to bake on a grill, allowing excess fat to flow down. Only the use of moderate quantity of this product will bring to your organism benefit.

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