Diet from yogis"

Diet from yogis"

amazing samocontrolemyog are obliged by the great internal force, immense energy not only to thoughtful meditations and trainings, but also the correct diet which gives them the most necessary elements.


In carbohydrates it is possible to allocate such three main groups as starch, cellulose and sugar.

The best starches contain germinated cereals, starched fruit (Bananas, fruits of a breadfruit tree, avocado) and starched nuts (chestnuts, cocoes). Cereals, and such vegetables as pumpkin, a vegetable marrow, a bush pumpkin, carrots, turnip, etc. are on the second place. Slightly worse potatoes. Also a lot of starch contains brown rice. Yogis do not advise to use the white flour, white rice, potato starch, semolina and products supporting them.

Cellulose (fibers) is not digested, and kind of makes a matrix on which other food is digested, absorbs, thanks to the developed surface, poisons also are swept out by litter from intestines. Crude vegetables, bran, bread from flour of an integral grinding, germinated cereals, etc. are rich with fibers.

As for sugar, yogis advise, first of all, there is a honey. Fruit contain a lot of sugar. Fresh fruit contain much more sugar, than in dried fruits. Does not consult to eat white and yellow sugar. It is possible to use fructose.


If to speak about animal fats, then the best source of fats is butter. Cream, than the oil which is shaken up from them are even better acquired. Melted butter and sour cream directly is not used by yogas, but fats are present at them. So-called 'culinary oil' is butter mix with pork fat. Avoid it.

Yogis practically do not use meat, but consider that among animal fats the most qualitative contain in fish. Unimportant quality fat contains in bird's meat and meat of the majority of pets. Some yogis use fat of wild animals as it is easily acquired. Avoid some ham, boiled pork, brisket, etc. of products; do not eat language. They contain a lot of fat. If you still eat meat, choose what is more fast.

Yogis try to use mainly fats of vegetable character. From vegetable oils it is considered the best olive. The oils extracted from nuts - almond, walnuts oil, fundukovy, etc. are magnificent. Are rich in useful fats and sunflower seeds of the majority of plants. Sunflower oil, corn oil, oil safflowers, oil from grape sunflower seeds - all of them are able to satisfy the needs of an organism for fats. It is not necessary to use cottonseed, mustard, linseed oil and others, made of inedible and low-edible seeds. Also does not consult to use the oil which gave in to frying process.


As for protein sources then yogis give preference to vegetable food. In vegetable food the best squirrels contain in nuts, sunflower seeds, flower pollen, germinated cereals, deciduous vegetables. As for nuts, the filbert, almonds, walnuts, pistachios and other nuts approximately is five times more nutritious than some meat, and it is desirable to chew or grind them extremely carefully on the coffee grinder and to strew fruit salads.

After nuts and vegetables the most qualitative source of proteins are bean. Yogis very much like to cook lentil soup. Green beans and young peas have similar properties. Despite the high content of proteins, yogis advise soy not to use. Quality proteins can also be found in germinated cereals. Yogis insistently advise to refrain from the use of mushrooms as their proteins are very similar to meat.

From animal food eggs and caviar have the greatest proteinaceous value. As for eggs, for the best assimilation it is recommended to use them in the raw. However it is necessary to be convinced that they fresh and carefully to wash out them.

As for milk, yogis consider the milk good for the use, only pair milk. The yoga very approvingly speaks of pair goat milk, including its curative. Mare milk gives to a body power. Cow and sheep it is much worse. Yogis consider the milk which cooled down or processed at the plant "dead" food. The same opinion they and about cottage cheese, cheese and curdled milk. Though proteins in this food more than are enough. If you after all are going to use them, then consider that among the real cheeses firm it is better, than soft; Swiss, Altai and to them similar are considered as the best. Worst of all soft, mouldy, such as Roquefort cheese, Camembert, etc. and processed cheeses.

[br/] Fish, a bird and meat are on the third place. In such sequence. Worst of all interiors, sausages, sausages, cutlets, etc. Avoid some canned food.

[br/] DNA and RNA.

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) are the main material of heredity and in an undistorted look are in live food. Still yogis read out from ancient times that with the use of different plants they receive not only useful substances, but also force and energy of these plants. As for RNA (ribonucleic acids), they in noticeable quantities contain only in germinated cereals, in flower pollen, in nuts and in small quantities in caviar and eggs. These acids which are contained in crude vegetable food will be supplied by your body with all necessary much.


As the name "vitamins" means "life", it is worth looking for the most useful vitamins in living organisms. The yoga considers the most zhiznetvorny what was born recently. For saturation of an organism yoga vitamins long since ate germinated cereals. Also other crude vegetable food is vitamin-rich. Wild plants contain vitamins more, than cultural - as wild plants are more viable in a type of constant fight for survival.


As well as other elements, the main useful minerals to contain in large numbers in crude vegetable food. At consumption of such food the risk of deficiency of minerals vanishes. The sea cabbage contains most of all minerals. If you add to food absolutely slightly - two-three pinches of a ground dry sea cabbage a day, then reliably resolve an issue of supply of an organism with all minerals.

Yogis learned to determine availability in them of useful substances by coloring of plants several centuries ago. Red color, for example, demonstrates high concentration of iron, and in greens it is possible to find a lot of magnesium and calcium.

Summing up the results, it is possible to repeat only once again that the most useful elements to contain in crude vegetable food. Using it, you will be able to balance your organism and to guide harmony of all body.

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