Fir cones jam: advantage and contraindications

Fir cones jam: advantage and contraindications

Jam on the basis of fir cones — quite exotic delicacy which besides will help to recover from many diseases. Crude turpentine, pollen and essential oils of a fir-tree have wonder-working medical effects which our ancestors used for a long time. It is possible to make fir-tree jam even for the beginning housewives. In this article we will in detail talk about its advantage and methods of preparation as much as possible to simplify to you culinary process.

Fir cones and their use

Fir-tree shishechka are used not only for original hand-made articles, on their basis cook jam, tinctures, compresses, infusions and syrups. Jam on the basis of fir cones helps to recover at flu and cold, to strengthen the immune system and to increase hemoglobin level in blood. Syrup will bring benefit at dry and chronic cough.

Whether you know? For the first time the word cone (conos) was used by Greeks. In translation it means a pine cone.

Spirit tincture fir-tree shishechek helps to restore normal brain blood supply after the had stroke. Of course, the official medicine calls in question this method of therapy, but there are official proofs of efficiency of such remedy. Compresses help at various skin diseases and dermatitis and also effectively cope with joint pains.

Structure of jam

As a part of jam there are phytoncides, tannins, antioxidants, essential oils, bioflavonoids, linolenic acid and other substances, useful to a human body.

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Fir-tree jam is rich in various vitamins which positively influence various functions in an organism:

  • vitamins of group B strengthen immune and cardiovascular systems, interfere with development of stresses and neurosises;
  • vitamin K strengthens a bone tissue and participates in protein synthesis;
  • vitamin C promotes strengthening of walls of vessels, protects an organism from various infectious diseases;
  • vitamin E interferes with fast aging of an organism, considerably improves a condition of integuments;
  • vitamin P is designed to stabilize work of a cardiac muscle and to strengthen walls of capillaries.

Mineral substances

This product is rich in the following minerals:

  • aluminum — positively affects activity of enzymes and digestive glands, strengthens bone and epithelial fabrics;
  • iron — the main catalyst of processes of exchange of oxygen, also supports work of a thyroid gland and participates in processes of transfer of nervous impulses;
  • copper — puts work of digestive system in order, participates in collagen synthesis processes (the substance which is responsible for elasticity of integuments);
  • chrome — the main objective of this chemical element is support of normal balance of sugar in blood serum.

About advantage: than jam from cones is useful

Jam from cones of a fir-tree is applied to treatment of many diseases. This wonder-working means will also bring the benefit at prevention of various diseases. Besides, such jam has good antioxidant properties due to availability in it of vitamins C and E.

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The all-strengthening properties

Thanks to high content in a sweet product of vitamins and other useful chemical compounds, it has the high immunostimulating effect. Thanks to availability of vitamin C, the coniferous product raises the general tone of an organism and increases physical and intellectual working capacity. Group B vitamins together with tannin strengthen walls of blood vessels and improve their elasticity. Thanks to such effect it is possible to prevent development of a heart attack and stroke at a hypertension and thrombosis.

Important! Self-treatment can do harm to your health! Before therapy by folk remedies surely consult with the doctor.

Due to antioxidant properties, jam from fir-tree cones perfectly resists to cancer new growths. In most cases the oncology arises because of the increased contents in an organism of free radicals of salts of heavy metals. Antioxidant properties allow to suppress the level of heavy metals. The product also has the invigorating and toning effect, gives force and energy to people who are inclined to chronic fatigue.

Opposition to diseases

Phytoncides are very useful biologically active agents helping a human body with disposal of harmful viruses, bacteria and pathological fungi. Jam from pine cones is used at cold, flu, cold, antritis, you play the dandy also other infectious diseases. It can also be applied on integuments at defeat with fungal microorganisms.

This useful delicacy has expectorant effect for this reason it is expedient to use it in the small portions during the cough caused by infectious microorganisms. Besides, fir-tree jam helps to recover at tuberculosis, pleurisy, pneumonia, bronchial asthma and bronchitis. Coniferous delicacy can help to satisfy painful reactions of an organism at skin inflammations and mechanical damages. This product can also be imposed on the inflamed gums. It is necessary to do lotions and compresses: to apply a little jam on soft bandage or fabric and to put to a sore point. National sorcerers often use such jam for treatment of various gastrointestinal diseases, including ulcer damage of a stomach and a duodenum.

Whether it is possible

This product can do harm to an organism if not to observe dosages in the use. Besides, fir cones jam should be used according to certain rules at pregnancy and a lactation and also at children's age.

To pregnant women

During pregnancy, pine delicacy can be eaten, but only after consultation with the doctor. He has to eliminate risk of possible development of allergic reactions and also establish an accurate dosage in the use. Fir-tree jam at pregnancy helps to cope with anemia, to strengthen immunity, it is essential to reduce risk of development of catarrhal and other infectious diseases. Besides, this product will saturate an organism of future mother with many useful natural substances.


During feeding it is necessary to eat with a breast this delicacy with extra care, it is capable to cause allergic reactions in the baby. Before the use it is the best of all to consult with the doctor.

To children

This coniferous product is recommended to be added to a children's diet from three-year age. Children up to 12 years can give 1-2 tea spoons of delicacy a day: to add to tea, to smear on bread or to eat in a natural look. To children 12 years are more senior jam is authorized to eat 1-2 tablespoons a day for the purpose of strengthening of a bone tissue, prevention of infectious diseases and activization of mental activity.

Signs of quality jam

Fir cones jam can be bought in the market and in specialized shops, but not to be mistaken when choosing, we bring to your attention several characteristics of a quality product:

  • One of the most important characteristics of quality delicacy is the size of cones. They have to be small (1-3 cm). Small shishechka contain the greatest number of useful substances and have gentle and tasty aroma in a ready-made product.

Whether you know? Some species of the African cycases have cones which weight reaches 50 kg!

  • Have to be Shishechki in a ready-made product integral. If they cut, then it is the main sign that they were brought together late. Late cones often old and firm, and a product on their basis it is better not to buy.
  • Always pay attention to GOST which is the key to quality jam (pleasant taste and aroma; corresponding structure, color and consistence). According to standardization, the natural and quality product has the following marking: GOST P 53118-2008.
  • In a jar of jam the maintenance of cones should not be less, than 70%.
  • Check a product for availability of dyes and preservatives. Natural delicacy has to contain in the structure only sugar, water and cones.

Features of the use: delicacy or medicine?

In the preventive purposes fir-tree delicacy should be used in such portions (in day): 1-2 tsps for children up to 12 years, 1-2 tablespoons for adults. Such product can be pleasant to children and they will eat it on 50 g a day and more, but parents need to monitor consumption of delicacy by children.

the allergic reaction can sometimes develop therefore if your child never used earlier this product, then at first give it absolutely a little bit. If in a day the state of health of the kid does not worsen, so jam can be used safely for the general strengthening of an organism.

Important! At some diseases of a liver and kidneys fir cones jam is forbidden to be eaten, for detailed information it is necessary to address the expert.

At diseases of the upper airways and violations of work of a GIT fir-tree delicacy should be eaten 3 times a day on 1-2 tablespoons (for adults), on 1-2 tsps (for children). But you remember that self-treatment by methods of traditional medicine can do harm to health therefore consultation of the doctor has to be without fail. He, by the way, will tell you about a dosage and Regulations of Admission at any given disease.

How and when to collect cones for preparation of the best jam

To prepare a quality product, it is necessary to take seriously collecting raw materials, that is, shishechek. Of course, raw materials can and be bought, but if you are allowed by time and the residence, then it is the best of all to collect it.

So you will be sure that the ready-made product will be welded on the basis of the best raw materials. Below we prepared for you several rules which will allow to collect the best cones, in the right place and in due time:

  • Collect young shishechka far away from roads and the industrial enterprises. It is the best of all to get on 1-2 km deep into the woods as on the outskirts of roads and the enterprises raw materials will not be eco-friendly (needles, as well as other plants, has property to absorb salts of heavy metals).
  • Before collecting examine a tree on presence of diseases and parasites. For collecting raw materials choose a young and healthy fir-tree.
  • It is the best of all to collect female shishechka as they more fragrant also contain more useful substances. Their distinctive feature is the pronounced ribbing from future scales.
  • Collect only young, small and green shishechka. The period of their collecting fluctuates of May to the middle of June.

It should be noted that some folk healers also successfully cook jam from young fir-tree escapes which period of collecting coincides with the above. Jam from escapes turns out is not worse at all, than from fruits.

Fir cones jam: step-by-step recipe

We offer you the recipe of tasty, fragrant and useful jam from fir-tree shishechek which will allow to enrich an organism with all necessary useful vitamins, minerals and other chemical compounds.

List of products

It will be necessary for preparation of this useful delicacy for us:

  • 1 kg of sugar;
  • 1 kg of young people fir-tree shishechek;
  • 0.5 liters of water.

If you want to receive a natural product with natural aroma, then do not add any other sweeteners and amplifiers of taste to jam better. Even honey, and that is better not to translate for nothing.

Also jam can be made from berries of blackcurrant, sea-buckthorn, cloudberries, a mountain ash red, a cranberry and a quince.

Step-by-step actions:

Independently to make tasty and quality jam from cones, it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations about preparation:

  • Properly wash out previously collected raw materials in two waters.
  • Throw shishechka in a pan and fill in with water. You cook them for 90 minutes on average fire.
  • After this time remove a pan from fire and leave it in the cool place till the morning.

Whether you know? In ancient times the pagans considered cones sacred parts of needles. They symbolized fertility and a plentiful harvest.

  • Filter pan contents in the morning (postpone cones in separate capacity). Add sugar to shishechny broth and properly mix.
  • Return back cones to broth and you cook them on an extent of one hour. Then cool contents to room temperature. Pour jam on jars and their zakuporta.

Rules of storage

The ready-made product needs to be stored in the dry and dark place which is inaccessible for children. Temperature of storage has to vary ranging from +5 up to +20 °C. Periods of storage are not specified, but it is the best of all to prepare several jars for the winter that next year again to make fresh delicacy, but not to be content with last year's.

Contraindications and possible harm

Experts and folk healers recommend to follow the rules of the use of this product strictly. It is the best of all not to eat more than 4 tablespoons of such jam a day, otherwise as side effects there can be severe headaches, indigestion, skin rash (allergic reaction), vomiting.

If you purposefully adhere to a healthy lifestyle and eat fir cones jam in the preventive purposes, then it is better not to use more than 1 tablespoon of delicacy a day. Remember that only the moderate use will bring benefit without harm.

Important! It is forbidden to use this delicacy at diabetes as from structure of a product it is visible that it contains the increased amount of sugar.

Fir-tree delicacy also has the list of contraindications. The following category of people cannot use it:

  • to elderly people 60 years are more senior;
  • to children up to 3 years;
  • to the people having individual intolerance an organism of coniferous components. Also with care the people inclined to frequent manifestations of allergic reactions should use such jam;
  • the patient with a renal failure and hepatitis in a sharp form.

Unusual, but useful jam

Besides fir cones jam, there are still some types of this delicacy.


Very tasty, fragrant and unique delicacy which reminds pleasant smack of spring honey. The product from dandelions is useful at hepatitis, cholecystitis, an urolithic disease. It saturates an organism with useful vitamins and minerals, gives to energy and cheerfulness, loads with spring mood.


One more delicacy type, original and unique on the tastes. Prepares on the basis of exclusively dense tomatoes, citrus and various spices. Very tasty product helping to remove thirst of sweet and to fill an organism with useful substances.


Vegetable marrows jam is the real holiday as a hobby and bodies. Such delicacy is cooked on the basis of vegetable marrows with addition of citrus fruit, candied fruits, honey, nuts and various natural spices. Besides magnificent aroma and tastes, marrow jam has huge advantage for an organism. Now you know in what advantage of jam from fir cones and as to make it in house conditions. Collect raw materials, cook tasty delicacy and receive the dose of vitamins and minerals daily!

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