Food for your skin

Food for your skin

To make skin of more beautiful, it is necessary to approach this question from within – to make correctly a diet. Such minerals are necessary for skin:

  1. Proteins

Proteins are a construction material for skin. They promote production of collagen.

  1. Omega-3

Omega-3 support skin in a tone and keep a lipidic layer of skin which holds moisture in epidermis. Most of all omega-3 in fish. At heat treatment a part of fatty acids collapses therefore it is the best of all to take a herring – she is trained without heat treatment therefore also the omega-3 in it is more.

  1. Vitamins-antioxidants

The main reason of aging of skin is influence of free radicals. They are formed under the influence of cigarette smoke, sunlight and the polluted air. Vitamins-antioxidants struggle with free radicals: vitamin A (vegetables and fruit of red and orange color), vitamin C (sauerkraut, citrus), vitamin E (nuts, sunflower seeds, vegetable oil).

  1. Water

Exchange processes happen in the water environment therefore the lack of water can be reflected in a condition of skin. Daily the person has to drink 5 glasses of water. And it apart from water in food. For this purpose tea and coffee, carbonated drinks and fruit juice will not approach. The first dehydrate an organism, and the second very high-calorie. To improve taste of usual water, add to it a piece of a lemon, a lime or orange, mint or berries.

  1. Vitamins

For breath of skin are necessary: vitamins A, C and E, zinc (wholegrain products, pumpkin sunflower seeds), selenium (mushrooms, onions, garlic), iron (beef liver).

For good skin color are necessary: carnitine (milk, meat), taurine (fish, seafood), coenzyme Q10 (vegetable oil, beef).

For elasticity of skin: group B vitamins (bean, cereals), vitamin E and zinc.

Here an example of the menu which contains all substances, necessary for skin:

Breakfast: porridge (group B vitamins) and green tea (removes toxins and accelerates a metabolism).

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The second breakfast: kefir (proteins).

Lunch: vegetable vegetable oil salad (vitamin E), broccoli soup (UV filter), boiled fish (taurine and fatty acids).

Dinner: cottage cheese (proteins).

For day drink 5 glasses of water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team