What it is more useful – vegetables or fruit?

What it is more useful – vegetables or fruit?

Fight for championship in the maintenance of the maximum quantity of vitamins to last around the world still. Some scientists I prescribe it to vegetables, at the same time also allocate what are more useful and what less. And other experts claim that the hugest set of vitamins contains in fruit. Besides, focus the attention that some fruit it is more useful than others.

For today, most of physicians around the world agreed in opinion that all vegetables and fruit, in independence of differences are necessary for an organism. According to them, the more the person uses daily various vegetables and fruit the better for an organism. At the same time, experts warn that it is necessary to select them not only according to amount of vitamins, various in contents, but also on color scale.

Color scale:

Some people choose vegetables and fruit for themselves depending on color. It occurs not consciously, and at the subconscious level. For example vital and active people according to psychologists I choose for myself vigorous colors. It can be: persimmon, oranges, tangerines, tomatoes. Whereas quieter and with a balanced state give the preference to quiet flowers. For an example such people prefer: cucumbers, pears, apples of green grades, greens, color and white cabbage. Very often, even on such preferences psychologists I advise to choose to myself the soulmate. Besides, scientists proved that a certain set of vitamins also depends on color. Because of it, nutritionists around the world advise daily to use as much as possible vegetables and the fruit consisting of various color scales. Thus, the organism will receive the largest amount of vitamins.

Experts divide all fruit and vegetables into 5 groups: green, blue-black, white-brown, orange-yellow and red.

Red: red pepper, tomatoes, beet, pink grapefruit, sweet cherry, red grapes, watermelon, cherry, strawberry, guava, red currant, raspberry, cranberry.

Orange-yellow: pumpkin, carrots, orange, grapefruit, apricot, lemon, pineapple, peach, persimmon, mango.

Green: apples, pears, asparagus, cabbage, grapes, artichokes, avocado, kiwi, cucumbers, greens and salad.

White-brown fruit and vegetables: garlic, banana, grapes, peaches of white grades and onions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team