Grape wine - how to prepare

Grape wine - how to prepare

Many would like to make fragrant wine from grapes of the house and not all know as. Only from good berries wine will be fragrant and tasty. Those are vintage varieties of berries. These grades have differences from dessert - the small size of berries and compaction of arrangement on a cluster.

It is required to you

  • - berries of ripe grapes of vintage varieties
  • - sugar
  • - the enameled pan
  • - colander
  • - gauze or piece of cotton fabric
  • - glass jars or large bottles


1. When the generous autumn crop of solar berry is reaped, there comes the time of processing and sorting.

2. Fruits should be touched. It is necessary to throw out all spoiled berries. An indispensable condition - grapes under no circumstances not to wash because at grapes there is ""wild"" yeast. For this reason grapes are applied more often to make wine. Berries should be prepared at once as soon as cut off from a rod, otherwise fermentation will begin ahead of time.

3. The prepared berries thoroughly перемять hands. Then the comminuted juice (it is called alburnum) should be merged in the enameled capacity which will approach on volume (to fill no more than on 2/3). Cover with the washed towel or a gauze, to remove on fermentation to the secluded town. Choose the place darkened and warm. Future wine has to be to steam of days there.

4. After several days the fermentation process begins, and juice separates from alburnum. This juice (mash) is also a young wine. Alburnum and a mash should be mixed every day carefully.

5. Then alburnum will brighten, to appear a sourish smell. It will begin "hiss". It is a signal that it is time to wring out juice. Alburnum needs to be wrung out carefully, separating a mash. At first wring out using a colander. Then through the gauze curtailed into several layers. Further the cleaned mash needs to allow to dobrodit. It should be merged in purely washed up to bank. It is necessary to fill it 3/4 and it is good to close. It is necessary to close a glove from rubber. Leave at a temperature of 23-27 degrees.

6. Several days later from a mash the test is removed. If taste too sour, then it is necessary to add some granulated sugar (50 grams on liter). Shake up capacity well to mix a mash.

7. As the mash wanders, there will be a dense deposit. That wine was light and tasty, it is necessary to merge a mash in purely washed up capacity, leaving a deposit. Then to put a lock.

8. When liberation of gas stops, wine is ready. But for improvement of gustatory qualities it is necessary to sustain it 2-3 more months.

9. The last stage - a young wine should be distributed on large bottles. Wine is stored in horizontal position.

10. If everything is made correctly, then house preparation will incorporate all those qualities for which grape wine is famous.

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