Harm of fried food

Harm of fried food

There is an opinion that fried products do much more harm, than those which are exposed to any other heat treatment. Partly it so, but it is necessary to take a set of other factors into account.

Main reasons for harmful influence fried

First of all the majority of researches which are conducted for a research of impact of fried products on a human body consider people who initially have problems with excess weight, with food behavior. Usually in such cases examples of consumption of "fast food", various food understand restaurants and so on.

That is it is the food cooked not in the best way. And the people consuming these products of public catering, as a rule, not too care for the health. At them against the background of obesity, problems with a cardiovascular system mortality increases.

From this it follows that they consume high-calorific products with not the most high-quality heat treatment. And high caloric content at fried food appears because of absorption by object of cooking of a large amount of the poured oil. In cafe "public caterings" often it is possible to meet the careless relation to cooking: the used oil very seldom changes, and cooking happens on the same fat which turns into transfat subsequently.

Also when frying it is necessary to increase cooking temperature. If the conventional piece of meat undergoes heat treatment in hot water, then there will be a uniform increase in temperature in it and the center of this piece will reach a final point of cooking pretty fast. In a case with frying – one half of this meat will interact with air, and another to heat up.

And, to reach a final stage of cooking, it is necessary to increase considerably frying pan temperature that will result in a large number of negative consequences, including emergence of transfats and formation of a so-called "golden crust".

Transfats – very harmful stage of heat treatment of usual fat which at digestion in a GIT is used for creation of human cages, but doesn't have in itself practically what useful properties and, moreover, promotes emergence of a set of problems with health. Because of their regular consumption at the person blood clots can begin to be formed, problems with a cardiovascular system also often appear.

Ways of decrease in harmful effects fried

If you decided to fry something, try to use refined oils as their temperature of smoking is higher in comparison with not refined. Cooking on such oil will allow to preserve the prepared product from excessive thermal heating.

Something is one of the best ways "fry" preparation of products in an oven provided that natural fat of conventional piece of meat will flow down down on a pallet. When there is a frying in a frying pan, this meat long time undergoes heat treatment in own fat and also in vegetable that finally can quite lead to formation of transfats.

Summing up the result, in such way of cooking as frying there are many minuses and whenever possible you should avoid it. Use ovens, various modern devices for roasting to avoid harmful influence of high temperatures in total with oxidation of oils.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team