Hot-smoked fish

Hot-smoked fish

Smoking of products was long since applied by people. Initially it was one of options of preservation of food. The products processed thus long time aren't subject to rotting and damage. In the ancient time smoked only meat and fish, and smoked sausages, cheeses, fruit and vegetables began to appear much later. Having prepared a smoked fish independently, you enjoy delightful aroma and taste of the turned-out dish.

It is required to you

  • - a trout fresh - 2 carcasses on 500 grams
  • - food table salt - 60 grams
  • - sunflower oil refined - 50 grams
  • - a brush confectionery - 1 piece
  • - the smoking shed for hot smoking figurative - the size (ШхВхГ) of 500х175х270 millimeters
  • - alder sawdust - 100 grams


1. Fish to clean from scales, to draw and cut out gills. It is good to wash up the cleaned carcasses in flowing water and to rub off paper towels for removal of excessive moisture. Rub fish with salt and leave for 2 hours at the room temperature.

2. Prepare the place for a fire and make small fire. To the smoking shed to fill alder sawdust, it is possible to use shaving of fruit-trees. To oil a lattice of the smoking shed vegetable and to lay on it fish. Close the smoking shed a cover and put on fire. Process of smoking takes from 10 to 15 minutes.

3. After preparation time to remove the smoking shed from fire and, without opening a cover, to leave for 1 minute. After that, having opened a cover, to take out a lattice with fish from the smoking shed and to immediately oil it. To shift accurately fish to a dish or a tray. If fish stuck to a lattice, then accurately hook it a knife or a scapula for cake.

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