How many cups of coffee can be drunk in a day

How many cups of coffee can be drunk in a day

Many people begin the for about a day with a cup of fragrant strong coffee to wake up and receive a cheerfulness charge. And then one more for breakfast, and during the lunchtime a coffee sit-round gathering with colleagues, etc. It is known that in a drop medicine, in a spoon poison. So how many coffee can be drunk in day not to do harm to the organism?

A small amount of caffeine helps to waken, start a metabolism, and the surplus of kofeinsoderzhashchy drinks, on the contrary, results in drowsiness, appearance of headaches, development of a hypertension. Caffeine are strictly forbidden people with diseases of a cardiovascular system since such drinks accelerate blood circulation, increase arterial blood pressure and increase load of heart. 

Actually, the amount of the used caffeine depends not on that how many cups of drink were drunk, and from that how many caffeine was in each cup. The recommended dose for the healthy person of 150-200 mg on one reception. It is approximately equal to 3 teaspoons of ground coffee and two soluble. In day, without harm for health, it is possible to use 2-3 cups of strong coffee. Filling in a cup of less coffee, the quantity of portions can be increased.

To reduce amount of caffeine in drink, there are some cunnings, for example, the less on time ground coffee is ready, the less caffeine will manage to pass into drink. Coffee with milk or cream, of course, kaloriyny, but, in the majority a case, contains less caffeine. Such coffee is acquired much more slowly, and caffeine influences an organism less aggressively.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team