How many wine life lasts

How many wine life lasts

Life expectancy exists even at good quality wine. Its duration depends on a set of factors, beginning from a wine brand and finishing with way of its storage.

The factors affecting life expectancy of wine

The term of life of wine depends on a grade of drink, its fortress, balance of sugar, acid and tannins and also a producing country. White wines are stored from 2 to 5 years. The exception is made by some grades which can be maintained more than 20 years (for example, "Burgundian White Chardonnay").

Red wines are stored slightly longer, within 2-10 years. But also among red wines there are famous long-livers who can be maintained and develop for 20-50 or even 100 years. These are the known wines of Burgundy and Bordeaux.

"Shatto Margo", "Shatto Laffite Rothschild", "Shatto Muton", "Château Cheval Blanc" – the amazing wines available to exclusively wealthy public. Judges buy these drinks still young for further endurance. In 10-15 years of wine develop an unsurpassed refined taste, and their price increases in several dozen times. There are also wines, more democratic at the price, having the good potential of development. For example, drinks on base "Cabernet Sauvignon", "Nebbiolo" which at the correct storage open the bouquet within 5-7 and more years.

The most ancient bottle wine was revealed in 1980 at excavation in Sinyan (China). Drink is dated 1300 BC.

Life expectancy of wine also depends on a producing country. It is explained by climatic conditions and quality of the soil on which grapes were grown up.

How many wines can be stored

The correct storage of wine helps to increase drink life term. Not heated cellar – excellent vinokhranilishche, however not at all is such rooms. Special cases for storage of wine with climate control function can replace them. They are different spaciousness, from 16 to 600 bottles. The similar case provides necessary conditions for placement of a collection of favourite wines (necessary temperature, protection against light, horizontal position of bottles) that allows to store correctly and successfully drink during long term.

However it is worth remembering that not all wines at long-term storage improve the qualities. Some grades need to be used young people, others demand obligatory endurance.

Good wine can be stored many years, improving the taste and aroma. However after opening of a bottle the expiration date of wine is very short. Oxidation process is the reason for that. In most cases wine after opening can keep the qualities about 2-3 days.

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