Whether mineral water is harmful

Whether mineral water is harmful

There is an opinion that it is necessary to include the water saturated with natural minerals in a diet. There is a lot of confirmations of how the imbalance of minerals leads to deterioration in health. However, it is worth understanding that mineral water from shop can represent not absolutely that product which is given us by the depths of the earth.

Asking a question of advantage and harm of mineral water, it is necessary to remember that mineral water differs in structure. In the nature, passing through stone breeds, water is enriched with the mineral elements which are contained in these stones. Depending on in what area, mineral water is received, it contains different composition of minerals which can be both are useful, and are unhealthy. Also water quality is affected by a method of packing and a condition of its storage.

Carbon dioxide which aerates mineral water in itself isn't dangerous. However its bubbles increase acidity and can become the cause of swelling. With gastrointestinal diseases it is better for people to drink still water.

What is represented by mineral water

Mineral water call the water extracted from a natural source. The quantity of firm solutes in mineral water has to be at least 250 units on one million. The composition of water is confirmed by laboratory tests by evaporation of one liter of water at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius and control of the received deposit. If water contains about 249 mg of firm solutes on liter, then it is referred to category "spring water". If the indicator is equal to from 250 to 500 mg, then it - "water of a weak mineralization". "Highly mineralized water" contains more than 500 mg of minerals on liter. The real mineral water is got from underground water resources in the protected areas. It can be aerated and not aerated. Normal don't add additional mineral substances to such water.

Medicinal mineral water, unlike the dining room, has to be accepted as medicine: in strictly limited doses and according to the recommendation of the doctor.

In what harm of mineral water consists

At all advantages of mineral water and its undoubted advantage for health, its application nevertheless is called into question. So what reasons of these doubts? First, not useful minerals can be its part, and it is sodium, sulfur and nitrate. Buying mineral water in shop, look for such substances as calcium, magnesium and potassium in its structure. These minerals are especially valuable to maintenance of health of an organism. Secondly, at deficiency of mineral substances it is recommended to compensate their baking plate by control of the doctor. For example, at the shortage of iron the doctor registers iron medicines in a necessary dosage. And consumption of mineral water can't is guaranteed to fill requirements of an organism. Especially as the composition of water differs depending on a source and pick up a necessary combination of substances can be quite difficult. Thirdly, the water packed into a plastic bottle loses the properties, especially if it is stored in the sun or at high temperature of air. Besides, such water costs little not. It turns out that you overpay for water, which structure approximately such, as well as at tap water.

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