How quickly to sober up for half an hour: 10 checked ways

How quickly to sober up for half an hour: 10 checked ways

There are situations when after alcohol intake it is necessary to go urgently to work, on affairs or to an important meeting. Such cases often lead to problems, scandals, deterioration in business reputation. But sometimes it is possible to risk and try to look sober if is drunk a little or there passed enough time from the moment of a feast. We will tell how quickly to sober up in house conditions for half an hour, we will give the checked advice.

It is known that completely alcohol disappears from an organism in 24 hours, that is per day. After that it is possible without fears to take the wheel, to undergo testing on the breathalyzer, to conduct negotiations and to look absolutely sober. But sometimes the person needs to be ""as cucumber"" already in half an hour after the booze. Many are afraid that people around will be able to suspect wrong because of persistent smell of the reek of alcohol.

There are several recommendations how to get rid of alcoholic aroma:

  • take a shower, clean teeth mint paste;
  • have densely breakfast (have supper) porridge or soup;
  • chew water-melon, citrus, menthol chewing gum;
  • ""have a snack"" on several branches of parsley, 3-4 laurel leaves, a handful of coffee beans.

The best way to sober up quickly in house conditions without tablets - a vomiting call by means of a large amount of not aerated added some salt water or the put enema. Only this way alcohol will be removed from an organism almost completely.

Here a top of 10 councils how quickly to sober up in house conditions for half an hour:

  • If it is necessary to come to the normal state for 20-30 minutes, the cold/contrast shower, intensive massage of ears, a foot, very strong tea, coffee without sugar will help. Before these procedures it is necessary to cause vomiting, otherwise ways won't work.
  • If there is a couple of hours prior to an important event, it is worth making clarification of an organism by means of 3-4 liters of water without gas and diuretics, to remove alcohol physical activities, jog. After that it is recommended to drink a fruit juice (water-melon, orange), to eat a hot dish (soup, the second), to take a contrast shower.
  • Well the organism liquid ammonia morning after invigorates. In a glass of water stir 5 drops, drink off liquid, having held a nose a hand. It is possible just to smell sal ammoniac, the effect will be visible too.
  • Medicines and tablets will help to remove hangover syndromes: activated carbon, Antipokhmelin, Zorex, Alka-primm, medicine Get up, Sorbex, Alka-Zelttser. Not superfluous will be to drink a cucumber brine, tomato juice, mineral water without gas.
  • The fast way is to drink couple of cups of strong coffee (surely unsweetened, without cream, milk), then to get into a cold bathtub. Makes sober perfectly, it is checked by many.
  • The good effect gives a green tea with mint, ginger. However it is necessary to drink it about 3-4 cups at least. 
  • Morning after perfectly the recipe with mint alcohol helps. Add to a glass of water of 20 drops of an alcoholature of mint, drink for time. Sobering up occurs almost instantly.
  • Much are helped by a method which is often used by police officers at interrogation of the violator who drank too much alcohol. It is necessary to put palms on ears, to pound them strong movements. Rush of blood will help to bring the drunk person to rather reasonable state.
  • Such products as fresh asparagus and raspberry, garlic, parsley greens will help to reduce an alcohol dose in blood. In them there are substances destroying compounds of alcohol. Quickly also fresh lemon juice will help to sober up.
  • More effective method - a call of the doctor, installation of a dropper on the basis of 5% solution of glucose, vitamins, insulin.

Advice can help absolutely desperate how quickly to sober up in house conditions by means of ancient methods:

  • cut onions in a plate and allow drunk to smell a smell;
  • pour ice water that it flew down on the ridge on a nape;
  • bite the ear which drank too much alcohol for a lobe (not till it bleeds);
  • water horse or cow manure with warm water, collect liquid in a glass and pour to the drunkard in a mouth. 

The last option, on polls of old inhabitants, absolutely will help to sober even to the most zapoyny alcoholic.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team