How to bake wedding cake

How to bake wedding cake

The wedding is very responsible event in life of each person, and all want that it took place remarkably and unusually. There are many various traditions which are observed on this holiday, but wedding cake is one from main. If you want to surprise the guests, bake it in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • 4 kg of flour (premium);
    • 2 l of whole cow's milk;
    • 100 g of yeast;
    • 6 pieces of eggs;
    • 2-4 tablespoons of granulated sugar;
    • 1 cups of vegetable oil;
    • salt 1 tsp.


1. Knead dough. In two liters of the warmed-up milk part yeast. Here fill sugar and a sponging flour. Cover all with a towel and put to the warm place, check that there were no drafts. Approximately in 20 minutes look – bubbles have to begin to be formed, then add still flour and salt. Knead dough until it doesn't become easy to lag behind hands. Pour in it in vegetable oil and again place in the warm place.

2. Approximately in two hours, dough has to rise. Take out it from a form and divide into two parts, but leave one part twice less, it will serve as ornament for cake loaf. Then take the most part and divide it into three pieces, they have to be approximately identical. Roll them in sausages, rather long to weave a braid. Braid a braid.

3. Take a big baking tray, oil it and lay on it the turned-out braid. Curtail it into a ring, having connected the ends.

4. From the remained piece of the test mold flowers, leaves, cones and decorate a loaf.

5. Put a baking tray with cake to the warm place that it approached.

6. When the loaf rose, beat egg whites and grease it, sprinkle with sesame sunflower seeds.

7. Put a baking tray with the wedding product in an oven. Bake at a temperature about 180 degrees as if temperature is higher, the rigid crust can be formed.

8. Wait for about one hour, surely watching process in an oven. And when you will get cake loaf, let's it have a rest under a linen towel.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team