How to make fast puff pastry

How to make fast puff pastry

To please the family with puff pastries, it isn't obligatory to spend a lot of time for its preparation. It is always possible to make fast house puff pastry which on gustatory qualities doesn't concede to usual.

Fast puff pastry on kefir

For preparation you will need the following ingredients:

- kefir — 250 ml; - salt — a pinch;

- egg — 1 piece; - a desi (it is possible to replace with quality margarine) — 200 grams; - wheat flour — 450 grams. Take kefir which has to be room temperature, and hammer into it egg and add salt. Carefully mix ingredients, and then begin to add flour in parts.

Cut oil on thin plates. Dip them in flour and put aside. Take dough and roll in layer. In the middle lay out a third of oil. Put dough in two layers and carefully you zashchipnit edges. Then again roll from it layer. On the middle lay out the second part of oil, then curtail an envelope and you zashchipnit edges. Do the same about remained a part of oil. Then put dough in several layers and roll in layer. Cut it on several pieces, wrap up each of them in a film and put in the fridge. In 30 minutes it can be used for preparation of pies, croissants, samosa and an other culinary delicacy.

Fast puff pastry on water

The following products will be necessary for you for preparation of such test: - wheat flour (premium) — 3 glasses; - a desi — 150 g; - water — 1 glass, - a baking powder — 1 h a spoon; - salt – a pinch; - sugar — 1 tablespoon. Mix flour with sugar, salt and the ripper. Add water to ingredients. Knead on the basis of them a dense elastic dough, it shouldn't stick to hands. Lay out it on the table powdered with flour and then thinly roll. Thickness of the test shouldn't be more than 3 mm. Kindle a desi on weak fire. Plentifully grease with it a rolled dough, and then roll it and cut in half. Lay one part over the second, it is necessary that edges coincided. Take layers of the test and roll in roll. Therefore at once the set of layers will be formed. Inwrap dough in food wrap and put in the freezer for 15 minutes. Then get it and leave for 5 minutes to cool down. You will flatten dough from above and roll it. Curtail it into roll again. Now you can use it for preparation of pastries. From it not only excellent apple strudels, with potatoand mushrooms pies, croissants with jam, but also other dishes will turn out. You can use puff pastry which will remain after preparation of pastries in the subsequent. Surely you store it in a plastic bag in the freezer.

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