How to cook a young sorrel soup

How to cook a young sorrel soup

Sorrel – a valuable source of useful substances – vitamins, useful acids and cellulose. Besides, it is very tasty. Growing, leaves of a sorrel gain rigidity and fibration. Therefore you hurry to cook young greens dishes. Surely cook soup or Russian cabbage soup from a green sorrel. This dish – a right sign of the coming summer.

It is required to you

  • Soup on beef cook water:
    • 500 g of beef on the bone;
    • 4 liters of water;
    • 1 small bulb;
    • salt;
    • 1 teaspoon of sugar;
    • 4 potatoes;
    • big bunch of a sorrel;
    • bunch of green onions;
    • greens of parsley and fennel;
    • sour cream.
    • Sorrel cream soup:
    • 2 liters of meat soup;
    • big bunch of a sorrel;
    • 2 hard-boiled eggs;
    • salt;
    • sour cream.
    • Vegetarian Russian cabbage soup:
    • 2 large stalks of a rhubarb;
    • big bunch of a sorrel;
    • 1 large carrots;
    • 1 small beet;
    • vegetable oil for frying;
    • 4 potatoes;
    • salt;
    • allspice peas;
    • 4 hard-boiled quail eggs;


1. Most often oxalic soup is cooked on meat soup. Pour water into a big pan and lower a piece of unpitted beef there. Bring liquid to the boil and lower fire. You cook broth until ready of meat, scumming a skimmer образовывающуюся. It is possible to add the bulb cut in half to broth.

2. Take a bone from broth, remove from it meat and small cut it. In broth lower potatoes which are previously cut in cubes, add salt. Bring liquid to the boil, reduce fire and you cook until ready potatoes.

3. Prepare a sorrel – it needs to be touched and to wash out carefully. Put leaves in a colander that from them water flew down then cut it is green straws. Small chop green onions. Lay out greens in broth. Boil minutes five, taste soup, in case of need add salt. For strengthening of taste pour out a sugar teaspoon in a pan. You cook soup no more than 10 minutes and remove it from fire. Pour it in plates, put meat cubes there and strew with small cut greens.

4. One more option of spring and summer soup – wiped. Wash out a sorrel, lay out it in a colander, drench with boiled water, substitute a bowl and wipe greens that puree flew down, and in a colander there were shanks from leaves. Boil meat soup and lay out in it oxalic puree. Add salt to taste and you cook until ready. Serve soup hot, having added sour cream and chopped hard-boiled egg to plates.

5. A sorrel soup can be welded and meatless. Try vegetarian option. He to prepare slightly longer, but differs in very saturated taste. Put largely cut stalks of a rhubarb in a small pan and fill in them with water. Cover a pan and put it on fire. In 10-15 minutes the rhubarb will boil soft, and broth will develop a sour taste.

6. In a pan of the bigger size pour water so that it occupied no more than a half of volume. Cut potatoes in cubes and lay out it in a pan. Add salt. In a frying pan fry the chopped or grated carrots and beet in the warmed vegetable oil. Wash up a sorrel and cut it thin strips.

7. In a pan with potato lay out fried vegetables, a sorrel and pour out rhubarb broth. Add salt, throw several peas of allspice. Bring soup to the boil and you cook it no more than five minutes. Remove from fire and pour on plates. Add sour cream and the hard-boiled quail egg cut in half to everyone.

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