How to cook cowberry drink

How to cook cowberry drink

Fruit drink is very nutritious drink. It well satisfies thirst during the summer period as for preparation fresh juice undertakes. A little warmed up drink from cowberry will be useful at cold because it contains a large amount of vitamins.

It is required to you

  • 150 g of cowberry;
    • 120 g of sugar;
    • 1 liter of water;
    • 2 leaflets of mint.


1. In house conditions fruit drink from cowberry can be made from fresh and from a frozen berries. Touch fresh berries, clean from leaves. Boil water, cool it. Wash out cowberry in warm boiled water. Put berries in the blender. Pour a little cold or warm water and crush everything.

2. Filter the processed berries. Use for this purpose a sieve. It is better to filter berries in a jug or any glass capacity at once. Close juice a cover and put in the fridge. Fill in a residue from cowberry with cold water, boil within 5 minutes on slow fire.

3. Add sugar, accurately mix. Instead of sugar it is possible to use honey, but it is necessary to add it to ready fruit drink. Cool mix and filter. In the received broth pour a refrigerated juice.

4. For preparation of fruit drink from a frozen berries take cowberry from the fridge, touch it. Put berries in glass capacity and fill in with boiled water. You watch that water completely covered cowberry. Mix mix a spoon until all berries don't thaw. Pour still boiled water. Add sugar and leaves of mint.

5. Close capacity a cover. Leave drink to infuse for 3 hours in the warm place. Filter fruit drink through a sieve or a gauze. Mash cowberry a spoon or a pestle to squeeze out as much as possible juice. Pour ready drink in a transparent jug. It is possible to add ice cubes. Color of ready fruit drink has to be saturated.

6. You store fruit drink within two days in the fridge or other cool place.

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